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  1. The death sentence. Should it be allowed?
  2. Euthanasia! should it be legalised?
  3. Should marijuana be legalized?
  4. Should he stay or should he go?
  5. Would you be for voluntary tax payment?
  6. Conscription (Drafting) - Your Views
  7. Would an Anarchystic community ever work?
  8. The Obama Deception
  9. Who else is noticing the small changes the government thinks they can get away with?
  10. Should Alchohol be banned.
  11. The Cambridge Police Controversy
  12. Forum Rules Extended Discussion and debate
  13. Use your voice for a petition for weed legalization!
  14. Barak Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace prize
  15. Does money rule !
  16. Question Time tonight BBC1 U.K.
  17. Imus
  18. freedom of speach? anything goes?
  19. Olympics 2016: Rio de Janeiro
  20. Tagging the yout is it right?
  21. Ron Paul
  22. Should segregation be allowed?
  23. Is Federalism the best form of government for a country?
  24. In the United States, organized political lobbying does more harm than good.
  25. Should firearms/guns be banned?
  26. Should the government run education?
  27. Do we have a right to throw away our rights?
  28. President Obama v. Rush Limbaugh
  29. Did the French Revolution cause World War I?
  30. The Rule of Morality v. The Rule of Virtue
  31. Teachers spying on students - Invasion of Privacy?
  32. The Atomic Bombing of Japan
  33. Zionism, Semitism, and Israel
  34. Did President John F. Kennedy Assassinate Marylin Monroe?
  35. World War II and Emperor Hirohito
  36. The European Union and Nazi Germany
  37. President Abraham Lincoln
  38. Should you be able to sell yourself into slavery?
  39. Should the USA abolish the Federal Reserve?
  40. What is the best speaking style?
  41. What is wrong with the American judicial system?
  42. The President of Poland has just died in a plane crash.
  43. White Africans
  44. Arab Americans, 9/11, and World Wrestling Entertainment
  45. Who Would You Vote for? ~UK General Election~
  46. Does the New World Order exist?
  47. President Obama
  48. Bismarck
  49. Internet Piracy
  50. Obama Care
  51. Who caused the Cold War?
  52. Who and What Caused the First World War
  53. Firefighting Fees: Should homes be left to burn?
  54. Will Israel Strike First?
  55. The Union will be preserved.
  56. Austria-Hungary and its predecessors
  57. Expansionism as a whole
  58. Nuclear Weapons
  59. Malcolm X v. The White Man
  60. Ms. Rousseff is the new President of Brazil
  61. prisoners and wtf
  62. Should the government provide incentives for petrol free vehicles?
  63. Natural disaster in Japan
  64. Slaughtering of The Fogel Family
  65. Chinas crackdown on human rights.
  66. What happend to all the war protesters?
  67. Rational Action and Tobacco Policy
  68. Prison sentances
  69. Is it better to be feared than loved?
  70. SOPA: The War Continues
  71. North Korea Missile Launch Expected in Next 24 to 48 Hours
  72. Senate Republicans Again Block Pay Equity Bill
  73. Supreme Court Upholds "Obamacare"
  74. 2012 American Election
  75. How do you solve a problem like the UN?
  76. ISIS/ISIL the craziest terror group to date?
  77. America's debt
  78. Leave wins - Britain exits European Union!!!
  79. Global Warming has now endangered real people ...
  80. what does u think of USA president trump
  81. MI5 and CIA spy on us throught our TV sets
  82. The absolute madman.
  83. This is probably why britain left.
  84. It begins
  85. Comey officially sacked.
  86. Canada Yes!!!
  87. Re: The absolute madman.
  88. Kavanaugh