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  2. General Discussion Thread
  3. Parents- discuss
  4. Abortion - yes or no? Pro or anti ?
  5. Revenge!
  6. Is hunting cruel or cool?
  7. Cannibalism. Would you eat human flesh to survive?
  8. Ghosts. What do you think?
  9. Are Vampires, Werewolves and other monsters real?
  10. Animal Experimentation
  11. Telepathy, telekinesis and precognition.
  12. Why do men run the world?
  13. Relationship Cheaters
  14. Should rapists and paedophiles be castrated?
  15. Death.
  16. Should Gay marriage be allowed?
  17. Does age matter in love?
  18. Cloning. Human-animal hybrids. Are these ethical?
  19. Trees! deforestation discussion.
  20. Vegetarianism discussion
  21. Evolution Vs the old testament.
  22. Superstition discussion.
  23. What would happen if an internet virus stoped all computers?
  24. Environmental Issue:Cheap cost or low pollution
  25. Discuss about Cooking and Recipies
  26. What you think about love..?
  27. do celebrities have a right to the same privacy as me or you?
  28. Trust/Deception
  29. If you knew the day you would die, what would you do?
  30. To see beyond the looking glass...
  31. Why do parents kill their kids and beat them...Taking the high road...
  32. Women no longer need men!
  33. Dang Regret..
  34. Moving on..
  35. Role Models
  36. Animal rights , what do you think about this subject, and what are your concerns?
  37. Men, imagination, and embracing your feminine side
  38. Forum Rules Extended Discussion and debate
  39. Posers, what are your views about them?
  40. Atom Smasher
  41. Peace, what exactly is it
  42. do u think its ok to tell someone they can never follow their dreams
  43. Child Labour
  44. Driving Age, raise to 18
  45. Polygamy
  46. The internet... Does it remove the barrior of age?
  47. Schools All over Riverside CA USA Banning Sodas and more on Campos Grounds
  48. What are your habits? The other side of ur habits
  49. Females & their tests.
  50. Should he be a taxi cab driver?
  51. Conformity: when is it good and when is it bad?
  52. What would you do to change the world?
  53. Can one action change your life!
  54. Do you think the Cholera disease changed englands water treatment?
  55. Is Warfare Inevitable?
  56. Typhoon Ondoy (Philippines)
  57. Do You Believe In Fate Or Destiny Or Both?...
  58. Do you think its alright for adults to sometimes act like a child?
  59. Windows 7
  60. Fish makes u gaylord for tru
  61. Should arranged marriages be allowed?
  62. Fortunetelling and divination-Your thoughts?
  63. Flowers for the dead.
  64. Why do people act like their "Star Sign"?
  65. Safety and security, do you have enough?
  66. Discussion on pride
  67. Thinking and Action
  68. let's talk about Persuasion..
  69. Television is a bad influence?
  70. Are computers destroying family life?
  71. Equality vs. Equal Opportunity
  72. Whats Christmas mean to you?
  73. "Battle" scars.
  74. Reality TV-what effect does it have?
  75. Gray Hair !!
  76. Incest
  77. The freemasons
  78. The removal of 'Five Festive Fatties'
  79. Is that glass half full or half empty?
  80. is gaynesss tru
  81. Do you find it difficalt to say no?
  82. Human Nature
  83. does u fight 4 ur rights and protest
  84. Higher Forms of Existence, the Final Evolution and the Childhood of Humanity Ends
  85. If you Rebuild it They Will Come
  86. Gamers and their weird mentality
  87. 9/11
  88. did u ever fall an get back on da hourse
  89. Being Selfish
  90. Physical attraction.
  91. Sixth sense!!!
  92. 2010 Olympics Tragedy: Let's pray for the Soul of the Athele
  93. Is saving money good?
  94. Infanticide and Foeticide
  95. Divorce
  96. Literature: Who is to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?
  97. Literature and Realism Connection: O Brave New World!
  98. April Fool
  99. Interpret and Evaluate Quotations
  100. when east meets west: ANIME VS COMIC BOOKS!!
  101. Teen Violence
  102. Disability is a result of enviroment only!
  103. Why People focus on Fiction and Not Reality.
  104. Long Distance Relationships Thread
  105. ASD thread.
  106. British history: Should we be proud?
  107. A Perfect Mess.
  108. Something about Censorship I just thought about
  109. Love Triangles
  110. Wikipedia Tour: Grab Your Opinions and Come On!
  111. Modern Kids, Modern Entertainment, and Modern Violence
  112. Homosexuality and bisexuality discussion
  113. Teenage Relationships, Yes or No, Good or Bad?
  114. Comics Popularity: Then and Now
  115. Tolkien or Lewis
  116. Fame, Fortune, or Family
  117. The World's First Cyborg
  118. Cyber Bullying: Is it just a lie?
  119. What would happen if humans could live for 200 years
  120. When Should One be Considered a 'Man' or 'Woman'?
  121. Live in city or small town?
  122. Internet Cencorship; Possible or a time waster?
  123. Smoking
  124. why do you live?
  125. people with emotional problems
  126. Asian Lady Cat Killer!
  127. Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill
  128. How can we manage to keep feeding the worlds people ?
  129. Do you believe in ghosts?
  130. The future of the rainforests communities
  131. If you could save one creature from extinction, what would you save and why?
  132. Evolution vs Creationism
  133. Bully Get his Butt Handed to Him
  134. How do you see the situation in Japan?
  135. exceptions don't make rules.
  136. True world unity.
  137. How do you think life would change if humans would not need sleep to live?
  138. AT&T buying T-Mobile USA
  139. Rape, and butt raped !
  140. People with psychatric diagnosis (schizo, bipolar, etc)
  141. Christmas island...
  142. Anti-Islam Right Takes On Batman
  143. Montana: House Blocks Bill To Decriminalize Homosexuality
  144. Are you offended when someone calls you retard?
  145. Going to a Prom without a Date? Lame?
  146. How does YouTube make money?
  147. Teen (Age 19) Setenced to 30 Years for Ill Torture Death
  148. Do you think we care more for our pets now than in the past ?
  149. Is Love Really Nesscary?
  150. Osama Bin Laden
  151. Why do people change w/ relationships?
  152. Starved Six Year Old Girl is Found in a Cage Trying to Eat Herself
  153. Man gets owned by Cat
  154. to kill a mockingbird.
  155. Being a Loner or "Lone Wolf" Bad?
  156. Man claims a Super Saiyan told him to kill somebody
  157. Tennesee Senate okays Ban on Teaching of Homosexuality
  158. Spanking children
  159. Woman Tries to Kill Daughters, Self to Avoid "The Tribulation"
  160. Choose Wisely.
  161. Pulling the Trigger... Could You Do It ?
  162. Secret box
  163. Children and computer games-certificates
  164. Carbon tax
  165. Do you personally think Aliens exist?
  166. NATO vs Anonymous
  167. Man puts up billboard about ex-Girlfriend's Abortion
  168. Court Upholds Gay Judge's Ruling on Proposition 8
  169. America holds half the worlds prison population !
  170. What will you do and what do you think about a lolicon?
  171. Venting/addiction
  172. Loss and Other Sad Stories
  173. Whats your PL?
  174. Man Robs Bank for $1 to pay for health care
  175. Is Virginity important to you?
  176. Should Parents Lose Custody for Obese Children?
  177. The Space Shuttles end! What next?
  178. Doubt!!!
  179. Is There Such Thing As Being Big Boned Or Is It Just An Excuse?
  180. Thread requirements in extended discussion
  181. Excessive spending
  182. Riots and looting in london
  183. Dow Jones down 600 points at close
  184. Stereotyping
  185. Worst Serial Killer?
  186. Is the war over in Lybia?
  187. Are you born gay or do you become gay?
  188. What's the difference between believing in God and believing in Mythical Creatures?
  189. Siblings, blood and relatives
  190. Are 'facts' the last word in a debate?
  191. When is childhood truly over?
  192. The President
  193. The End
  194. Respected or Loved?
  195. Academic qualification ensures success?
  196. Causes of Divorce
  197. How have you changed?
  198. Remembrance Sunday
  199. P.E.T.A. vs. Super Mario 3D Land
  200. PETA vs Turkey
  201. Open carry and concealed carry firearms
  202. Why Eastern DR Congo is "Rape Captial of the World"
  203. Pacifism
  204. Minority Schools
  205. Pills for Mental Problems
  206. Self-defense against bullying?
  207. Jpop America Funtime Now SNL Skit
  208. suicide - What are your views?
  209. Teenagers, Romance, and Inspirational Speeches
  210. Sentient vs Machine and consequences
  211. Megaupload is taken down
  212. Debating debate.
  213. Best antivirus?
  214. Ireland and EU to sign ACTA
  215. marriage, past relationships.
  216. What if the internet wasn't anonymous?
  217. Whitney Houston, Superstar of Records, Films, Dies
  218. Make Kony Famous!! He Must Be Stoped!!!
  219. Life Begins At Menstruation?
  220. Lying debate.
  221. Future Schooling
  222. Disorders You Have?
  223. Amina Filali Commits Suicide after being force to Marry her Rapist
  224. When is it ok to be rude?
  225. Thinking about what to pass on.
  226. North Carolina Pastor calls for Death of Gays
  227. Japanese Chef Serves his Own Genitalia
  228. Herbivore men and the decline in Japan's population
  229. Should being called fat be a hate crime?
  230. Texan Teen Jailed for Missing School
  231. Father Kills Man sexually abusing his Daughter
  232. "children are smarter then there parents"
  233. Your heart or your head?
  234. My girlfriend wants to cut again and shes pissed at me:(
  235. Best way to die???
  236. Gunman Attacks Threatre
  237. caring is bad?
  238. Duty or friendship?
  239. Kony 2012
  240. Computer as a human brain
  241. How reliable can our knowledge of history ever be?
  242. US School Massacre: At Least 28 Killed
  243. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
  244. Want to Stay Out of Jail? Become Rich!
  245. Japan school cancels student exchange with U.S. city over memorial to Comfort Women
  246. Eating Meat is like Being a Pedophile!?
  247. Researchers Getting Death Threats for Showing Data
  248. Boeing777 with 239 onboard goes 'Missing'
  249. Two girls charged with microwaving a kitten
  250. Climate Change "Debate"