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Unread 04-29-2017, 05:33 PM
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Default Times where you "wat?"

Have you ever been in a situation so strange, so outlandish, so utterly bizzare. You find yourself at a loss for words. You simply cannot react to the amount of WTF that just happened. Please regale us with your life moments that defy all forms of logic

One day 2 years ago, i decide to go to the store. I ate the last of the icecream and my wife being pregnant obviously NEEDED icecream.
When i get to giant eagle(the local grocery chain here in PA) i see it immediately.
A midget. A little person.
Pushing a wheelbarrel full of dinner rolls.
I cant help it. I smile down at him and say hello.
He speaks.
"Sorry no croissants today boss"
He leaves. I just stand there.

I... uh...
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Unread 05-07-2017, 09:48 AM
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Default Re: Times where you "wat?"

From rare to scary, from natural to other wordly there were many cases. Among the wonderful ones are sleeping and having crazy dreams with celebrities like movie stars such as Zoey Deschannel, Princess Diana, presidents, judges, Chinese Emperors and Priestesses, etc...

But there were lots of cases during my awake time. One of my strangest experiments I guess was when I used to send light signs with laser morse codes during the night towards the dark sky. Odd phenomena began to appear. The iron gates of the house started to deactivate and open during the night on their own (I had to reinforce the locks after that). Sometimes a large oval shadow (the size of a car) wandered the streets around 3AM, silent, almost invisible perfectly aligned on the center of the street when there were no people on the street. (we live in corner beside a cross roads).

Little "things" started to hide in a winter Garden we have at the reception area. The size is around 1 foot, they throw things from tables, turn off equipment, start the secrutiy alarms. I guess we could call "leprechauns".
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