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Default Dawn of the End of the Galaxy

All is well in the galaxy. Live thrives, crime is stopped, wars a fought and won. But soon, that will all stop. Everything will turn to chaos. Every 50,000 years, a sentient race of machines, known as the Reapers, come and destroy all complex life in the galaxy.

But that's not all! Every 35,000 years, a powerful, yet unkown, being comes to consume a galaxy. His next target, the Miky Way. With the Sol System being his first target. You only have 3 years to gather the forces of the galaxy and prepare them for the coming day of which all life comes to end. Help save the galaxy!

  1. No G-modding! Only the "unkown being" can g-mod.
  2. Every sort of power is allowed! *ki, mana, etc.*
  3. Every 50 pages counts as a year. So you only have 150 pages, or 1,500 posts, to be prepared.
________________________________________ _________________
"Sir, we have detected Reapers heading to the Milky Way."

"Get everyone prepared then!"

"We also have another lifeform heading our way. Whatever it is, it's big, and it doesn't seem like it want's to play tea time with us."

"Then get the heroes of Earth of gather all the races in the galaxy. We'll need all the help we can get. Our ancesters have seen the moments when the Reapers invaded, and now this huge lifeform! As a member of the Shepherd family, I will always protect the galaxy! That is something my ancester did many times."

"Yes, sir! I will gather the heroes immediately." The communicator then used his telepathic powers and told the heroes, "All heroes of Earth, report to the Normandy SSR 6.4. We have an alpha one emergency!"
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