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Unread 01-05-2017, 01:39 AM
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Default Selene Shan (Darth Xion)

Name: Selene Shan ( Darth Xion)

Age: Appears to be 25, due to Sith alchemy.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165 pounds

Race: Human/Echani

Class: Former Jedi Knight/Sith Lord.

Appearance: A beautiful, pale woman of over average height, with a well portioned body, usually hidden beneath her armor or casual robes. She has an athletic build, and is physically strong. She has tattoos down both of her arms and some on her torso. She hasn't been seen without her armor since she became a Darth. Her hair is dyed black to conceal being Echani, she has light blue eye contacts with her hair back.

Look/ Casual outfit:
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Click here to see full text

Personality: In the calmer moments of her formative years as a Jedi, she had a calm personality, she was known for being an intense individual. Even as a child, she was like that of a scholar who has seen a bit too much of the darker aspects of what they have sought to learn in their expeditions for greater knowledge and deeper understanding. She is a direct, thoughtful, and focused, but she wasn't cruel, unless pushed. She was more of a scholar, not overly emotional like most Sith. For being a Sith, she rarely shows her inner rage anymore, and is calm. She disagreed with many of the Sith values of her time, such as a Council for Sith, that was of the Jedi. Complacency in the Sith Order needed to be culled out, only the strong can lead the galaxy the proper way. She views the force as something to be understood, and used to it's full extent through the dark side, she understood the lightside was useful in it's own way, but the Jedi are nothing but weak and foolish. Sith are the true expression of the force She has a soft and soothing voice when not wearing her armor. She is a loner by choice, she is distrusting of others, she cares nothing for people that weren't blessed with force sensitivity, but she understands why they're necessary to have around.

Skill: Being taught by Emperor among other masters, she is rather powerful. She is first and foremost a Sith Sorcerer. She focused a lot on honing a variety of force abilities. Although, unlike her master, she made sure not to slack in lightsaber training. She was highly practiced in all seven forms, she is one of the Niman users of her time.

Items/Weapons: She carries two dual-phase lightsabers that can be connected as a staff. She usually uses one lightsaber though in most battles, they are modified in a few ways, they're water proof, the activation switch is on the inside and it gives a shock to anyone that tries to turn them on that's not her. She carries two blaster pistols on her hips as well, as well as the usual gear on her belt.

Biography: Warning - Long
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Half Echani/Half Human. A descendant of Revan, Born on Eshan. Her life prior to joining the Jedi is mostly unknown, the only thing that stood out is it started her down a dark path. She joined the Jedi at the age of 7. She caught up quickly in her studies, the force came to her as naturally as breathing. She was made a Padawan at the age of 13 to Jedi Knight Sera Knightly and quickly made a name for herself within the Order.Years went by, and her power grew along with her anger and want for control, but the Jedi Council turned a blind eye to this, her young master as at a loss. War eventually broke up with the return of the Sith Empire, Selene jumped in head first to be a part of it, and by the age of 19 was named a Jedi Knight. She enjoyed being a General, but within time she quickly became a loner, and enjoyed doing solo missions, she found working in teams to be an annoyance, with the Council constantly berating her for this. After returning from a battle, she received news of her masters death, this shook her to her core, and she never quite got over it. She had a romantic love for her master, but she never made it known to her. At the age of 22, the war still raged on. She located the killers of her master, and she slaughtered them with glee. The Jedi tried to help calm her anger, but it was impossible, her lust for power and control in her life only increased.

She vanished one day, going to join the Sith, she spent learning from the masters there, but even they couldn't satisfy her. Eventually she grabbed the attention of the Emperor, who trained her personally. The Jedi wanted to kill her for this, and she vowed vengeance on them for their reaction. Selene, now dubbed Darth Xion, quickly grew in the Dark Side. She grew to be unmatched, and while she fought all the time against the Jedi, her vengeance fueling her. She grew more and more distant from the battlefield and focused more on learning all there was to the force, she became an incredible Sith Sorceress, and the Emperor encouraged this, her talents laid within the force rather than a lightsaber. Later on, during her journeys she stumbled across a holocron of an old Sith Lord, she learned much from this, and was inspired to go her own way. She abandoned her post during the battle over Malachor on a journey of learning. Taking the flagship of her fleet and leaving without a word, slipping into the shadow of the galaxy. Among many other places, she traveled to various exotic force using groups across the galaxy, wanting to learn all there was, she also had a big interest in Mandalorian culture, and spent time with them. The Sith hunted her, but she was never found, this is when she found and wore the Sith Armor of Tulak Hord.

Wanting to extend her life, she found the method of body transfer distasteful, and absorbing the life of hundreds of people would turn her into a monster. She began trying to manipulate midiclorians to preserve her body, she made very good progress. What happened after this point in her life is mostly an unknown, what is known is that she never returned to the Sith Empire. She managed to extend her life and was present for many critical events in the galaxy, she became something of a ghost, her and her warship never being able to be located for long by the various factions hunting her. She no longer had loyalties to either the Jedi or the Sith, only herself. Eventually she ended up in Carbonite for centuries..

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Default Re: Selene Shan (Darth Xion)

Excellent character. I love your detail. Approved.

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