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Unread 11-24-2010, 09:07 AM
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Default Roleplaying Guidelines

Good posting habits and other ideas on roleplaying

Just a few more things that will make your roleplaying experience a better one.

1 - IC/OOC: This is used primarily when you have something to say (as the user) to someone else (another user) that doesn't have much bearing on the actual roleplay itself. The most common use of this is clarification on something that the user before you just posted. Just remember to put yourself back in character before you start posting your roleplay. Obviously, having a post consisting of only OOC comments is prohibited

2 - Metagaming: It's a term that's used in D&D to refer to your own personal knowledge vs. your character's in-game knowledge. It's kinda like you're watching a horror movie. YOU know that there's something in the closet, but the CHARACTER still has to look, because he/she doesn't know about it. Basic rule here, keep it in mind

3 - Roleplaying: This one seems like it would be obvious, but for any number of reasons usually goes by the wayside. This is the fine art of acting like your character. Much the same as the examples of above, if your warrior (who wears full plate armor) is prancing around like a ballerina, you're probably doing something wrong. Most of this comes into play when we start talking about personality. There's a reason that this is included in the registration. If your gruff, reserved character is laughing hysterically, it should probably be because your character is drunk or in some other way mentally compromised

4 - Discussions: In the same line of thinking as Roleplaying, but specific to dialogue and how to act. A "Hey, brosef, what's crackin'" is probably an appropriate thing to say to a friend you've known for years. It's probably not the appropriate thing to say to the King when you've been summoned to the throne room. Just keep in mind the characteristics of who you're meeting and where

5: Hold the line: It's a fairly simple concept. Also known as posting order. Some roleplays thrive off of this, some don't. The basic idea is that dude 1 and dude 2 are having a chat. Dude 1 posts, then dude 3 posts. Try to stick to that order (Dude 1, dude 3 and dude 2, for those of you paying attention)

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