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Unread 11-07-2011, 12:04 AM
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Default Re: What is the real meaning of the existence of Mythology?

A friend of mine told me this a little while back: In mythological times people did not understand the earth, the wind, the sky, etc. So they made Gods to explain these things.

God of the sun, God/Goddess of the Earth, God of the winds, etc.

(this can also explain why cultures had similar gods)

But as cultures learned about these things, those Gods were forgotten, they were not needed as an explanation of these things.

Now you have today. Every religion has the same "Gods" per-say. A loving god, a being/place that explains the afterlife (devil, hell, heaven) and etc.

So what he was getting at is. We today understand the Earth, how the wind works, the sun, the night, etc. But we don't understand Love, we don't understand what happens to us after we die (do we have souls? heaven, hell? vanish) so there is still this need for religion.

Sorry if this went off topic, just thought it would be interesting to add to this thread.
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Unread 05-28-2012, 12:08 AM
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Default Re: What is the real meaning of the existence of Mythology?

mythology is just a explanation for the world around you. people came up with the same things because they had the same evidence. humans generally advance at the same rate. so we come up with the same evidence and thus come up with similar conclusions. in a way science and religion today are the modern mythology. that is because nether has ever been proven compleatly correct. thus it is just how we think the world works.
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Unread 10-05-2015, 08:47 AM
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Default Re: What is the real meaning of the existence of Mythology?

Originally Posted by Elementalkatana View Post
Mythology, as you might know, has the origin of ancient times in history. All ancient civilizations had something or someone who sought to explain what was happening in the world,in other words, around those civilizations.
But the fact that puzzles me is that, as people from distant origins had beliefs and legends similar. How could they have similar thoughts without even knowing each other?

And for you, what would be the true sense of the real existence of mythology in ancient times and today? And someone would have some idea or explanation, for the fact as the mythologies could be so similar even though they are of different origins ?
I think there are certain features within the Human Mind, that tend to be similar. It is a truism, that Mankind is a spiritual creature. We want to believe in the supernatural. We reach for the divine.

This is done for two interesting reasons. We want to think that there is something watching over us. But more, we want a God/The Gods, to have sufficient power to control those things in nature we can't explain for ourselves.

Humanity likes to think there is some order in the chaos of the World (of ancient times) and for us, the Universe. We search, even now, but we continue to find only chaos and destruction everywhere. Bugs eat smaller bugs, small animals eat bugs, larrger animals eat smaller animals. Humans destroy each other. Sometimes for reasons we cannot fathom. Chaos reigns in all places. Chaos reigns in the minds of Men.

But the Myths of the past, from any culture, involves explanations to define the limits of chaos. And for that, ancient Men gave homage to the Gods, that removed Chaos, if only for a moment.

Today, we discard the Myths, as childish. Yet we find temporary shields from Chaos, in the form of drugs (Legal and otherwise) or alcohol. It's not different. It's all wrapped up in our separate or merged together desire for the peace of knowing that Chaos does not reign, for this little hour.
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ancient civilizations, legends, mythology

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