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Unread 10-04-2010, 11:51 PM
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Default Alice 19th

Okay so I was looking threw my (new) school's library that sucks, like seriously what library doesn't have through the looking glass? Any who as I was looking threw the books I stumbled into a manga section, and I was like, What? A shitty library has a manga section, eh if they had it at another high school in the district guess there in all of them.

Well as I looked I found an odd manga called Alice 19th I picked it up skimmed the pages art work and was like, oh hey this looks like shojo and the art seems awfully familiar. so I checked out the first two volumes.

As I read the first volume and half the second I came to a realization this seems similar to Ceres and Fushigi Yugi... I look at the artist name and low and behold it was Yuu Watase the creator of my favorit shojo series Ceres and Fushigi Yugi!

But to the point, this manga is pretty good, and by pretty good I mean its another Yuu title. Don't get me wrong I love Yuu's work, but she has the same... feeling in all her works. And the romance, its always the same odd love triangle and what not. But hey this manga has MAGICAL WORDS!

Seriously This manga is a bit silly, and silly as in how ridiculous it kinda is.

Well let me just tell you a bit of the story

(Straight from Wiki)

The story follows Alice Seno, a fifteen-year-old girl forever in the shadow of her older sister Mayura, who achieves in everything she undertakes. At her school Alice becomes known as "Mayura's little sister". Older girls, judging Alice too meek to retaliate, torment her relentlessly.

Alice harbors a deep affection for Kyō Wakamiya, a handsome upperclassman who is on the archery team with Mayura. On the way to school one day, Alice rescues a white rabbit from the road despite the danger to herself, but she is rescued by Kyō and receives from the rabbit a bracelet with a single red stone. The rabbit she saves, however, is no ordinary rabbit. The rabbit reveals her true form to Alice and introduces herself as Nyozeka. Alice is told that she is destined to become a Lotis Master. The Lotis Masters use the power of words and communication to enter the Inner Heart of others. It is a powerful ability to be used carefully as Alice soon finds out.

Using the power of the Lotis Words, which reveal themselves to be in the form of runes, Alice accidentally makes her older sister disappear during a dispute over Kyō, whom Mayura had begun dating. Alice then must use the Lotis Words to try and bring her sister back from the dark. She is joined by Kyō who proves to have the Lotis powers as well, and by Frey, another Lotis master who has trained with the masters and arrives with the intention to marry Alice. Unfortunately, Mayura has been taken by the power of the Maram Words, the dark reflection of the Lotus Words. Their only hope lies in Alice and Kyō becoming the legendary Neo-Masters to discover the lost word binding both Maram and Lotis.

So yeah that's the general idea of the series. Kinda a silly plot, and cause of the name Alice, there is of course a rabbit, and a magical rabbit at that, but the rabbit is the character I like to call, The Choosing One. Just like the Chosen one, but its the one doing the choosing, you know that character that's like YOU ARE THE ONE! YOU MUST SAVE THE WORLD!. Yeah the rabbit, she is that guy.

But I would recomend this to any Yuu fan, or anyone who wants a good Shojo to read.

So now lets get to talking about the manga that is Alice 19th.

Okay so I'm only now finishing volume 2 and my opinion of this manga series is that its pretty good, nothing unique, and pretty much the same as Ceres or Fushigi, but hey both those series are captivating and this is what this story does for me.

I have to say my favorite character has to be Frey, cause he is so awesome! Frey has the best personality in this series and he is just so love able, with his shenanigans and player-ness.
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Unread 10-05-2010, 02:06 AM
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Default Re: Alice 19th

I read Alice 19th awhile back and loved it!
In fact I don't think I've found a manga by Watase Yuu I hate.

Frey had to be my favorite character too.
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Unread 03-20-2018, 09:11 PM
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Default Re: Alice 19th

I own this whole series in full and have lost count the amount of times I have re-read it because I love it that much, lol!
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