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Unread 05-04-2010, 12:37 AM
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Default Last one Alive (Naruto FanFic

Naruto Fanfic

"I can't beleive I'm moving here. Ryo had grown up in the Sound Village
all her life. Her parents were killed in a "freak accident" She had no idea what
really happened though, that's what I was told. "Ok Hokage building..." I looked
around for the biggest building I could find, it didn't take long. I ran towards
it. "Man this place is noisy." I can practicly hear everything within a mile of
me since I was born into a clan with this rare tenique, but still I don't know
my last name, my parents names, if I have an siblings. I don't even know if Ryo
is my real name. I walked up the stairs of the Hokage building and knocked on the
door of the Hokage's office, I could hear her talking. "Come in." She said. I opened
the door slightly.
(Tsunade's POV}
The door opened and a girl about thirteen and about five foot one walked in wearing
a plain black tank top on, tan shorts, over the knee black socks and fishnets over
the socks,her black hair pulled into a ponytail. "You must be Ryo, we've been waiting"
I said. "Here are your instructions to get to your apartment that you'll be living in. Also
your neighbors are your teammates and you'll be on team seven." She smiled happily and thanked
me as she took the instructions and keys. As soon as she closed the door Kakashi jumped
into my office. "Is she really stronger than me?" He asked me. "Yes, she has the power
right now to probably kill an Akatsuki."
(Ryo's POV)
"I wonder what my team will be like?" I asked myself as I happily looked for my apartment. "I-Is
this it?" I stared in shock at the huge apartment building that was in front of me. "Are you
the new girl?" I heard a slightly annoying voice say. I turned around and a bright pink haired girl
stood in front of me. That hair was so bright that I swear it could burn my eye sockets out if I
stare too long. "My name is Sakura Haruno, your's?" She said "Ryo." I plainly said. "Last name?"
"I don't know." I shrugged, no one has really said that to me before. "Wow. Just don't get near my
Sasuke-Kun." I ignored her and walked inside, that did bother me a little though. I went to my room
number and was about to open the door until I was distracted by the smell of ramen. "WHERE IS THE RAMEN?!"
I screamed. Ramen is practicly my favorite food, I couldn't resist it. "Naruto come out and meet Ryo."
Sakura said. A blonde boy came out of the room next door, he had ramen in his hands. I took out some
chopsticks. "Spicy special ramen expiration date May 26 2011 cost 100 yen. Can I have some?!" I said
happily. "How did you know?-" "My smell is good." I said. "I'm Ryo." I said happily. "I'm Naruto nice
to meet you!" He reached his free arm and and I shook it. "Oh and you can have some." He said. "Yes! Thank
you!" I took a few noodles and started to eat. "A new Naruto? It's annoying enough to have one." I heard
an annoyed voice say. "You must be "Sasuke-Kun." I don't understand what Miss- Sparkly-Pink-Pink-Hair finds
in you, you annoy me already." I made a face. Naruto and Sakura were shocked and Sasuke glared. "Want to take
this outside you little brat?" He spat at me. I smiled and calmly walked outside. He made some hand signs and
I closed my eyes. I could hear Naruto and Sakura run outside. "Don't close your eyes! He could kill you!"
Naruto yelled. I smiled and dodged the fireball that was coming towards me. I jumped into the air and made some
hand signs and he started to lifted into the air slowly and then quickly flew into a nearby tree. Sasuke was unconcious.
"This girl is crazy." Naruto said in shock.
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