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Unread 06-13-2009, 07:26 PM
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Default RPG rules

All characters need to be registered and aproved before use here Character Registration & Information
However, in reality characters are only temporarily approved. This is because if an aspect of them is not working in the gameplay, or for new additions to skills etc as they develop.


All new areas need to be approved by a s . mod before use.
They will also need a picture. They will also need to set the atmosphere.
These are the threads that will last forever on AF.

1- Normal forum rules: In the rpg section you stil must follow the rules of this forum
AF - Rules and Guidelines

2.Spelling dont need to be perfect but the rest must atleast be able to understand what you mean
3.- Out of character: ( OOC) If you wanna say something outside your character for exemple that you have to go. then do it between ( )
Ofcourse dont use this too much only if its really needed.
Dont start a separate conversation.

4.- Cheating: Depending on how big the crime you will be punished if you cheat and may be excluded from threads for a period of time.

5. Do not use a character's name until they have told you it or you know it.

6. Show the appropriate respect to the person you are facing based on your knowledge of them.

7.- Acting like your character: This is a RPG so try to act like you character would

8.- Arguing: If a Moderator disapproves an item/attack, or asks you to stop, you stop. If you disagree with their decision, discuss the problem via PM.
If you stil wont stop after this measures wil be taken

If they are available and active, you can have up to 3 actual characters. If you are using your own original characters you can register as many as you want. Dont forget to check that its okay to use a particular character in a game thread. If you want to use more than one character in a game thread make sure that you check its okay with a mod/game maker.

10-Do not ignore other posters.

11. no God modding, you cant control other members actions.

12. you can be in more than one thread at a time, it will be considered a different timeline, unless it conflicts with a mission.

***Roleplaying Fights: These are just basic guidelines of what you can and cannot do while Roleplaying fights, and to keep this Stat-based, you may here percentages, possibly fractions mentioned throughout this list.

1- Fight Fairly: This rule is the most important. Consider the Stats, and judge your opponent's as well as your own to decide actions. Do not strike your opponent and claim the hit directly. Attack and your opponet will decide the outcome and its effects as long as it remains within the following requirements. If you're on the receiving end of this attack, you should read the following rules below.

2- Dodging attacks: Not all attacks cannot be dodged, you should take some and your opponent should do the same. However, there are times when you cannot dodge an attack at all.

3- Dodging blasts: Similar to the previous one, this rule also limits dodging. depending on the blast itself and the RPG character.

4- Guarding: Considering you cannot dodge attacks constantly, when that happens you can stil gaurd. Guarding is the simple proccess of crossing the fighter's arms infront of the opponent's attack to defend against that strike, wether it be a blast or physical.

5- Healing Items: This rule is to keep fights reasonable. If you have a large quantity of healing items, you may only use one of that type per battle. Meaning, if you have five Senzu beans, you may only use one. However, if you have a Chocolate frog, you may use one of those as well. A maximum of different healing items which can be used is three to prevent abuse.

6- Using weapons: Weopons with venom arent allowed since the character would otherwise die.

7- Multiple oponents: your are allowed to fight with uneven number to ballance it out that some character are stronger then other

8- Naming your attack: When you say you do a certain attack you MUST explain what that attack does

Don't post in this thread, Also you must read the rules, and make sure you understand them BEFORE you role-play. When on a mission or playing a perticular game you can only be in one spot a a time. You can play in multipul different games at the same time though.. You can play with different characters(only a fixed amount yet to be decided), also when it comes to learning attacks/ moves and Keep its realistich, so naruto cant learn to fly and ichigo wont learn any jutsu,

Originally Posted by Ascended Vegeta View Post
You may loose the right to keep your character for the following reasons.
1, you have been banned.
2, You are inactive for over a month without arrangement.
This is unless its your own OC where they will be moved to trash,
but not put in the unused and avalable forum.

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Unread 10-17-2011, 10:17 PM
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Default Re: RPG rules

anime forum game rules for all threads in this forum
1 all characters need to be approved and use the template
2 all areas need to be approved and contain a picture in the first post
3 ?

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