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Animeforum RPG: Unused & Avalable Characters Characters you can ask for if you dont want to make your own.

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Unread 12-23-2012, 06:53 AM
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Default Amaiya Kasuno

Main RPG

Did you read the rules?: Yes
Is your character an actual anime character? Or an original character?: OC
Did you look if this character was free?: Yes
Name: Amaiya Kasuno
Age: Appears to be around 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 113 lbs
Species: Belongs to a species that appears similar to demons. But she doesn't have a tail.
Class: Wanted for being responsible for starting chaos around some villages.
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Personality: Amaiya is mocking and cruel. If she dislikes someone, she'll do whatever to male them look bad or mock them. She loves to get under people's skin. Amaiya never cared of the idea of forming close relationships, her species do not possess such need to have loved ones.
-Hand-to-hand combat
-Attacks with her specialized staff: It is a staff with a shear like serrated blade accompanied by a straight edged serrated blade. It can extend a foot from the tip of the staff like a harpoon and impale opponents.
-Dark Impacter: Dark energy is gathered in a fist and is thrown as a punch. Does a bit more harm than a normal hit, but none too impressive.
- Dark Force: Amaiya disappears into the shadows and emerges from it covered in a purple aura of some sort and attacks the target. This is potentially lethal.
- Amaiya can throw projectiles such as shuriken or throwing knives.
- Hex Trap: Amaiya sets up a trap and when the target falls for it, it can curse them and allow her to track them if they are a long-term target she sees. Causes bad luck.

Abilities: Advanced Speed, but slightly above average strength. She uses strategic planning to make up for it though. Amaiya doesn't find it hard to navigate through the darkness.
Items/Weapons: Specialized Staff, shuriken, throwing knives.
Biography: Amaya came to the Earthly dimension from her dimension called the Medium. She had began performing assassinations for a group, but after it had broken up due to the leader's disappearance (he is presumed dead a year after no clues of his whereabouts) and then she began traveling around causing trouble. She only does killings and chaos as a means of entertainment. Amaiya didn't feel like settling down for a fresh start. Humans began hunting her down and one had damaged the sight of her left eye to where it was a case of astigmatism. Her left side relies on hearing and scent more than sight. Her right eye remains unharmed.
Learning new abilities: none

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Default Re: Amaiya Kasuno

Approved for play.

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