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Unread 04-29-2010, 09:41 PM
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Default Why Freeza and Goku are in the hundred millions. [Part 3]

Originally Posted by LegendarySSj7
As such, Freeza also stated he was only using a very small percentage of his true power before going 50%. We can assume it’s somewhere around 2% to 3%. Now, let’s walk through all three of his “transformations”.

Stage Two: Freeza transforms into a much larger form of himself. He levitates as his horns protrude to the side and as his power level and speed copiously grows. After this transformation, he states that his battle power was then “at least over 1,000,000”. At this point, let’s just say it was twice that of his 3rd suppression (1st form)'s power level - 530,000. 530,000 * 2 = 1,060,000, which is over 1,000,000, as he said himself.

After receiving an unanticipated beating from an enraged Gohan, Freeza powers up and the Zet Senshi take note as his power notably increasing. Given this bit of information, we can safely say his power level was at 1,330,000, just for a general estimate.

After merging with Nail, Piccolo arrives on the scene, allegeding and proving that he is easily a match for Freeza, but also was stated to have been stronger. Of course, not in the sense of outstripping Freeza, but still to result in a juxtapositional match. Given this bit of information, we can safely put Piccolo at 1,400,000.

Freeza once again powers up, and beats on Piccolo. Let’s say that his power level had augmented to 1,550,000. After taking the bout with quite some nonchalance, Piccolo removes his weighted clothes and says that he’s been hiding most of his Ki. Considering that this goads Freeza onto transform once again, into what’s known as his third stage, we can presume Piccolo was probably around 1,750,000, to gain a conceivable and palpable edge to, again, sway Freeza onto transform.

Stage Three: Freeza, once again, transforms, into a much more abhorrent creature from a looks standpoint. His head almost elongates, and his nose blends into his skull as Piccolo is in fear of Freeza’s once again subsantially grown power (Freeza himself also states that with each transformation, his power greatly increases, and that “each transformation brings more power than the last”wink. Considering that Freeza furthermore justifies this increase by being blatantly infront of Piccolo before Piccolo even finishes flying away from Freeza and effortlessly makes sport of him with his Deathbeams, we can say Freeza was somewhere in the 2,000,000 range - 2,200,000, to keep things in respective order.

A yet again irate Gohan once again is provoked to help Piccolo, unleashing a massive full-power “Masenko” on Freeza, that actually hinders him for quite some time until he manages to fend it off. This enables us to assume that Gohan was roughly *just* at 2,000,000. Being bewildered himself at the fact that Gohan could have released such a blast (though this was probably due to the near-death increase he received after Dende healed him, considering whence enraged, Gohan managed to flagellate Freeza around for a bit), he proceeds to transform into his true form.

True Form: Instead of once again growing in size or becoming even more detestable and fearful in appearance, Freeza slims down as the horns abjure back into his skull and he becomes much more streamlined in terms of looks. In this form, he proves to be so powerful and has a gait so high that nobody can even see his attacks or successfully locate where he is. Vegeta, on the other hand, after receiving a near-death increase due to Dende healing him after prying Kuririn to impale him with a rather pungent Ki blast, is not only able to temporarily see where Freeza is, but see his Deathbeam and knock Gohan out of the way, thus saving him from a certain death. However, Vegeta still is no rival for Freeza as he easily outclasses and does away with him. Even so, Vegeta would have to have been at least in the million’s range to see Freeza’s attack, so it’s safe to put him somewhere above Freeza in his 3rd stage... 2,400,000 at this rate. For Freeza to have outclassed him and done what he did, he would have to have been significantly stronger. Somewhere in the low 3,000,000 range wouldn’t be a bad guestimate here by any means.

Soon enough, Goku is finally healed, and makes his advent on the scene. He fearlessly trudges up to Freeza, confiding in such a battle. Freeza exprobrates the mere thought and attempts to land a kick on Goku - only for him to re-appear right behind Freeza and land quite an acrid kick of his own. Freeza quickly regains his poise and shoots a set of deathbeams at Goku, only for them to be easily fended off, and from the Zet Senshi, as well - all something Vegeta, even at full power, could not do. Freeza and Goku then proceed to engage in a longer fight in which he proves to be equal with Freeza, and infact, only at his base level. Freeza then agrees to engage in a short playful fight where he abstains from using his hands, and Goku even manages to land a few hits on Freeza using the Kaiô-ken (which level of Kaiô-ken used is unknown, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll say regular Kaiô-ken, which would abruptly increase his power level up to 6,000,000 in bursts).

Freeza then decides to end things right there by powering up to 50% of his true power, and grossly outclasses Goku, even using Kai ô-ken x10, as stated by North Kaiosama himself. This would put Goku’s power level at 30,000,000, since 3,000,000 * 10 apparently equals 30,000,000. Goku then pulls of his desperation move - the Kai, as stated by North Kaiosama himself. This would put Goku’s power level at 30,000,000, since 3,000,000 * 10 apparently equals 30,000,000. Goku then pulls of his desperation move - the Kaiô-ken x20 - in which he not only manages to land one hit on Freeza (even though Freeza dodges the next one), but unleashes a Kamehameha so herculean as to equate Freeza at 50% in power. Given this, Goku’s power level at Kaiô-ken x20 would clearly be 60,000,000, and for his Kaiô-ken
x20 to equal Freeza at 50% in power, it’d have to be somewhere in the 70,000,000 range - by my estimates, about 72,000,000.

Goku, overstressed and bleared by utilizing the Kaiô-ken x20, then builds and eventually hurls a Genki Dama on Freeza, which seemingly takes him down until, he not too shortly after, makes his re-appearance, although looks visibly wounded as his tail had been reduced to a bleeding stump and one of his eyes had been damaged (which would an injured Freeza possibly somewhere in the 60,000,000 range as he didn’t appear to be that damaged, 65,000,000 by my estimates, which is roughly 90% of what he had before, and (From Volume 11, Page 62):“I am still more than a match for all of you!!!!",)supposedly kills Piccolo and disperses of Kuririn. This enrages Goku so much as to awaken a deep power inside him - as to cause him to transform into a Super Saiyan. His hair flows upward and becomes a new hue - white, as a white aura engulfs him in a presumably shimmering light, as his eyes turn deep green and he sets his sights and intentions dead on Freeza. Freeza is unimpressed yet baffled by this new transformation until Goku easily treats him like a Ragdoll, proving that Freeza using half of his true power is nothing compared to him as a Super Saiyan. Since the Daizenshuu puts Super Saiyan Goku at 150,000,000, and 3,000,000 (obviously Goku’s base level at the time) * 50 = 150,000,000, which is more than twice that of both Freeza at 50% and him being battered at that level of power, there’s nothing wrong with putting him there.

Freeza eventually powers up to what’s supposedly 70% of his strength, (From Volume 11, Page 109): “You underestimated me!! That wasn’t even three-quarters of my power!", being less than 75%, that is (by my estimates, 100,800,000). This Kia blast he uses at this accumulating level of power manages to knock Goku back. Finally reaching 100%, Freeza states himself: (From Volume 11, Page 119): “Sorry to keep you waiting... This is what you wanted. Full Power.", or something along those lines. This abets us to assume he has healed from his somewhat injuries, and since 72,000,000 was his 50% power level prior to being hit by the Genki Dama, 72,000,000 * 2 = 144,000,000, which puts him in the 140,000,000 range as he should be and is enough for him to have the equal match he had with Super Saiyan Goku (even though he is weaker by putting his power level there, again, it’s still enough to rival Super Saiyan Goku) until his bodystrain took its affect on him, as his more and more frequently decreasing power level caused Goku to have a large power advantage over them. The Daizenshuu puts Freeza’s 100% power level at 120,000,000, which is by far too low for him to have competed with Super Saiyan Goku. With this said, in remaining loyal to the Daizenshuu, putting his strained power level at 120,000,000 wouldn’t be that seething of an idea, since 150,000,000 / 120,000,000 = 1.25x (and that 144,000,000 / 120,000,000 = 1.2x, which is also supernumerary in supporting that Freeza’s power level was significantly and constantly decreasing due to the strain put on his body which could have very well been a result of the Genki Dama), which is enough for Goku to do what he did to Freeza.
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Unread 04-29-2010, 09:51 PM
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Default Re: Why Freeza and Goku are in the hundred millions. [Part 3]

it makes sense anyway
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