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Lightbulb Character: Kitty

Did you read the rules?: Yes, I have. ^^

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character? An original character intended for Dragon Ball Z.

Did you looked if this character was free?: Indeed.

Name: Project CAAT (Creation Against Alien Terror), but much prefers Kitty.

Age: Eighteen years.

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet and 3 inches

Weight: 107 pounds.

Spieces : Genetically Altered Human.


Kitty is of short and slender figure, her skin is of fair tone. Her hair cascades just below her shoulder blades, and of silken, choppy layers.
The top layer is a rich auburn, while her ends are an icy platnium. Two thin streaks of the plantium blonde are visable on her long angled bangs that frame her face.
Her eyes reveal the feline genes that have been implanted deep within her. The irises are of an electric tropic green, and her pupils mere slits. Dark markings adorn her eyes, making them appear narrow.The girl's ears are small and pointed, her teeth are ivory heavy fangs like that of a lioness. Her slender fingers are tipped with claws instead of nails.

She is clothed of light blue jeans, a plain leather belt and bronze buckle hang loosely around her hips. A fitted, black, short-sleeved top bears the icon simular to the symbol from "ThunderCats". This shirt reveals her midriff, exposing her belly button ring. This piercing has two black orbs on each end, silver swirled within each.
A hemp choker is wrapped around her slim throat, a blown glass teardrop hanging off it. This glass teardrop holds a small liquid black mushroom inside.

Black arm socks are constantly worn to cover her palms, each palm bearing a large, purple-black wound that never heals. Worn plain sneakers of black and red are worn on her feet, overlapped by the jeans.

Personality: Kitty is a very sensitive girl of low self-esteem, often revealing a cynical, sarcastic attitude to protect herself. She is very connected to her Christian faith, often critizing her peers in how ignorant they are to what is beyond the mortal world. She likes to think she is more intellegent and witty than others, and also quite vain. The girl often has her own agenda and is lazy, any chore asked of her normally recieves an eyeroll and complaints. She becomes anxious when having to be in largely social situations, often afraid how others see her and will try to avoid any sort of confrontation with other people.

However, she is not a coward. She feels it is her purpose from God to protect those who have frustrated and betrayed her for years. She struggles with the instincts implanted in her, but will follow those predator urges when facing a deadly opponent. Emotional and even lacks common sense, she will rush into a conflict if any innocence is or about to be harmed. As a stubborn girl, she will stand what she firmly believes in, depsite the strength of her opponent.

Attacks: Intellegence and Cunning: Her strongest and most preferred traits, Kitty will try to pursuade and outwit an opponent before using brute force.

Agility and speed: Although not the strongest, she is able to top speeds of 70 mph, and bound over rugged terrain without any hesitation. These are also endowed by the feline genes.

Claws: The hard claws can penetrate some metals that make up walls and floors. These unfortunately, cannot break into concrete.

Toxin Infection: The most dangerous, Kitty is a host of cellular paraisites she dubs as "Toxin", these creatures are very simular to a virus, but remain in the host's body. By placing the exposed wounds on her hands on the flesh of the victim, these creatures can become injected itno the body much like a jellyfish's stinging cells. Once in the victim, the Toxin will absorb the energy of the victim, causing them to fall into a debilitating illness, depending how much energy the victim uses.

Heightened Senses: Kitty has a keen sense of smell and hearing, as well as able to see within darkness.
Faint Veil: If there is no overpowering light, Kitty is able to melt into shadows to avoid attacks or hide when needed.

Biography: I'll let Kitty take over from here. xD

"I cannot say I remember too much about my past..." The girl murmurs, her fingers reaching up to scratch at her scalp, a nervous habit when feeling confronted. "My early childhood is like a blur, no matter how hard I try, how long I sit and drill through my cluttered mind, I find nothing of it."

Disappointment fills her eyes as she attempted the quiet search once more, then giving up to continue. "I do remember being in the lab, normally I followed the scientists quietly, trying to listen and watch what they would do, what they would say about me...Of course, this labratory has no relation to what...what is it?"

She pauses, trying to remember the name.

"Oh yeah, the Red Ribbon army and that weirdo, Gero..." She smirks bitterly, "I bet you're relieved to hear that, I'm glad I never met them either." She continues, "But those memories of having them talk to me and treating me like a familar student or even almost like their child seems more like a dream, more surreal than a memory...like...if it never actually happened. But surely, it had to, right?"

She hesitates trying to find assurance and just goes on with her story. "What I do remember clearly is the sharp pain and the hot rush of a gross instinct to attack, especially when the doctors wanted to give me shots and show me these aliens called Saiyans and the violence they caused. They say it was to help me, but it really all made me so angry and sad..."

"Luckily I found a way to unearth some truth for myself, some comfort about why these scientists were doing this all to me...It didn't feel right, what they did, I can still feel the holes deep in my heart from the hurt I felt. I was able to steal a Bible one of them kept in the desk and realized maybe all this abuse would lead to my purpose in life, which was confirmed to destroy these demons like those Saiyans and other aliens; my purpose was to protect and silence the tears and screams of the human race's fear."
"One day, I can't remember if it was night or day actually, I heard a lot of screaming and gunfires. I could smell the smoke and see the sparks of many of the devices the scientists used. There were armored men, grabbing the doctors I believed I grew up with and dragging them away...which was followed by more shots of bullets upon flesh. "

"I felt so sick, tears of heartbreak and terror pooled over my eyes. I knew I had to hide, they wanted to kill me next. I don't know why...All I knew was the scientists and I wanted to help the people, but these men acted as though they were mad criminals and I was only a mere weapon. I cowered and melted in to the darkness of my cell, praying. Eventually, the men ceased destroying the rooms, desks, and looking into cells. They left, and I was alone."
"I remember waiting, waiting form someone to come back and find me. I was stupid to think anyone would survive and want me back...So after a few days, I left the labratories, and I now am trying to find what place God has for me in this world..."
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temporary approved- you may start playing using your character

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