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Unread 02-25-2015, 11:53 PM
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Default Panne

Did you read the rules?: YAS

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character?: Canon character

Did you looked if this character was free?: Yes.

Name: Panne, or "Whiskers" to Gaius

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 143 lbs

Spieces : Taguel

Class: Taguel

Taguel form:

Panne has a pretty face, with an aristocratically curved nose, and reddish-brown, almond-shaped eyes. Her hair is a dark brown in color, as well as being silky in texture. Her hair is braided with her long, rabbit ears in between the braids. Her complexion is darker and healthy, with little scars or blemishes upon her. Her jawline is smooth and feminine.

Panne's body is slender and agile, fitting to her species. She moves fast. She has a moderately sized chest, alongside definite curves. Her body is not build to take excessive, strong hits, unless she's in beast form. She has fur on her neck to her shoulders, as well as on her wrists, and she has a small tail resembling a rabbit's. Her hands and fingers are nimble and elegant. She has long, strong legs suited for running.

Panne has lighter armor, in favor of moving faster on the battlefield. She has pale, brownish armor on her shoulders, and legs, as well as covering her body. It covers her back as necessary. Her armor leaves most of her stomach exposed, which doesn't matter completely, due to her being in her beast form for most battles. She has a furry shorts-like piece of clothing that she ties around her waist, covering her. Panne doesn't like heavy layers of clothing, and will usually go around with a blanket in wintertime.

Personality: Panne is a cool taguel, who does not lose her patience or composure easily. She has a broad sense of pride and self-respect, and does not stoop to levels she deems to be 'too low' for her. However, she will dirty her hands alongside those who she is close with. Although suffering from nightmares at times, she has become closer to the human species after joining the Shepherds. Yet, she generally still distrusts people after the massacre of her warren, in which all remaining Taguel were slaughtered at the hands of humans. Still, she does not care for death and killing. She only does what she has to in order to ensure the safety of those who she cares does miss her warren greatly, and has pondered on going back to live there alone after the fighting is done.

Panne may come off as boorish, due to not being familiar with human mannerisms. Being raised apart from humans, she does not have knowledge of their society's norms. She can also come off as clueless, due to this, but she is a generally intellectual warrior with a strong sense of honor. She vows not to prey on the weak, and would never lay her hands upon an innocent. Although preferring to keep her distance from most humans, she will tolerate some and get closer to them. She has a particular weakness for those who hold personality similarities to those who she once cared for back in her warren.

Traitors grate on her nerves, and she doesn't tolerate those who are dishonest. If someone has done a favor for her, she will usually attempt to repay them. She enjoys times of peace, and is not a bloodthirsty taguel. She does not hunger for revenge against humanity.

Attacks: Attacks in beast form, mostly

Abilty's: Panne, using a Beaststone, can transform into her beast form.

Items/Weapons: Beaststone

Biography: Panne does not remember much of her early childhood. She can recall the feelings of happiness. She had a younger brother, and her warren was a complete circle, a family. As a taguel, her species became preyed upon. Most of her family and warren were killed off by human hunters, in a massacre that she'll never forget. She remains the last survivor of the taguel species. The flames and the anguished, dying cries of her warren haunt her to this day. She was in her early teens when the incident occurred. Afterwards, she hunted and scavenged for food, but remained wary of humans and strayed mostly away from them. She had no business with any of them.

However, in later years, she became involved in the Shepherds' struggle for peace in Ylisse. She had originally intended to repay the taguel species's debt to the first exalt, by saving Emmeryn, who was the exalt at the time Panne was there. She infiltrated the Ylissetol when it was being invaded, and fought to save Emmeryn, before being offered to join their ranks. Seeing as she had nowhere else to go, she joined the Shepherds in their quest against Plegia. She had little experience with human manners or traditions, earning her the distaste of Maribelle. Yet, she did speak and bond with some of the Shepherds, after warming up to a select few. Afterwards, Ylisse when on to defeat Plegia in a final battle, resulting in a (temporary) peace.
Unread 02-26-2015, 01:42 PM
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Default Re: Panne

Looks good! Approved!
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