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For a moment, Kazuya found his eyes narrowing; to be called a child was, though true, rather insulting. Perhaps because whilst working, those who did not believe in what he did ultimately blamed everything they could that was happening on the 'school dropout', or the 'kid just preying on the weak'. He supposed in this situation however, he did deserve the light scolding.
Naru didn't move, though. His eyes still focused on the outdoors; what lied beyond just the grounds of a hospital he'd found himself bedridden in, what was out there was far more important that even Naru's own health. If he could, he'd leave. But dying before finding him would leave both of them without closure.

Reluctantly, he turned around; arms leaving the ledge and instead folding in front of his chest. He didn't move any closer and stared back to the nurse. "Then, I'll be able to leave soon?" he questioned, "I have work to do and it's certainly not getting done lying in here." He cared little for talking of himself--in fact it was a topic he generally would try to avoid lest it be found out who he really was. Though he'd mentioned the work, a part of him was assured that Lin, and the others, were more than capable of handling it. Rather than get himself in further trouble, he eventually did move back toward the bed; though his stoic expression and folded arms did not alter.
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