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It had taken everyone at the time by surprise; Naru had taken it upon himself to protect the members of SPR from what would have meant their death, perhaps it was due to the provocation of another but his temperament slipped and, riled, he used an almost lethal amount of his power to protect them. He supposed he might have owed them that for protecting him most recently--not that he'd openly say so.

But, such an act had it's consequences and though it took a few minutes, his heart eventually failed him and he collapsed. Those who were with him didn't hesitate to call for an ambulance and the young man was rushed to intensive care; luckily death had yet to take a firm hold on him and he began to recover just fine.

Though he truly hated sitting around doing nothing. 'Rest', they said. 'You need to recover', they said--it was every day--eventually he even told his co-workers to stop visiting and do their jobs. He supposed it did the trick as not one of them showed up again; whether it was them avoiding his foul mood or actually listening to him for once, he'd never be able to tell (and didn't particularly care either way).

Still, with little patience, to simply lie around all day, Naru took it upon himself to slip out of the hospital bed and walk over to the window; he looked outside, wondering how much longer he'd have to be subjected to this... torture. Though he did not sigh openly, he closed his eyes and let the disappointment and irritation fester. Just when was he going to be able to leave this place?
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