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Default A Word About Good Roleplaying

A word about good roleplaying:

Good roleplaying is essential to any Role Playing Game (RPG). A good roleplayer is someone who plays realistically. Now, granted, most of what you see in RPG's isn't very realistic (i.e. when was the last time you saw someone wave their hands and fire came out of nowhere?)

Good roleplaying is making a situation your own and playing it as realistically as you can. Let me explain, giving some examples:

Example 1: Really Bad Roleplaying This is a prime example of what NEVER to do.

You are Jedidiah Greenwood , a Male Human Warrior. Jed wakes up in the morning and hops out of bed and busts out 300 push ups in under a minute. Then he rushes outside and cuts down a tree trunk with his left forefinger and ties it to his back and goes on a 40-mile run, making it back to his hut within the hour.

After removing the tree trunk from his back, he is set upon by a band of bandits, 150 strong. Getting into his fighting stance, he rushes at them, punching and kicking all of them. When he gets to the other end, all of the bandits fall down dead.

Now, the problem with this is obvious. No one can do this. The only time you see anything like this is in something like DragonBall Z. The key missing here is detail. The more detail you put in, the better your post will be, and the better you will be understood.

Example 2: Still Bad Roleplaying This example is a little more realistic, but is still bad roleplaying.

You are still Jedidiah Greenwood (hey, isn't that funny!!), the Male Human Warrior. You walk into town, and are set upon by some Merchants, offering you their wares. After lengthy debate, you decide to buy something, but at a price that's well below what they're worth. After that, you decide that you wanted something else, but you don't have the money. So you creep up on the Merchant's wagon and steal an item. Then you see something else that you like, so you steal that too. Soon, you have stolen almost everything out of the Merchant's wagon, and they're none the wiser.

Now, what's the problem with this, you ask? Well, for one, you're not a thief. Second, even if you were a thief, you wouldn't have been able to steal everything in the Merchant's cart without them knowing about it. Generally, you'll be safe in stealing one item, maybe two if your character is a truly skilled Rogue, but any more than that and you chance the Merchant seeing you and calling the city guards, which can be very bad news for your character.

So, basically, you must think about the situation, and analyze it carefully. Would this be something that your character, with his or her current abilities, could realistically pull off? Also keep in mind that you must also realize that everything has a chance of failure. Not all of your blows are going to connect, not every spell is going to be cast correctly, not every item you steal is going to go unnoticed. You must always take that into account, and if you don't, then someone will put that you were caught. It's much better if you do that yourself, as it will make you a better role-player.

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