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Default Re: Tien vs. Freeza.

Here what Herms from Daizex Forums said:

Daizenshuu 4 describes animal-type Earthlings in this way: “they look like animals, but they speak, use weapons, express human emotions, and behave just like humans”. Human-type Earthlings are the “most numerous kind of Earthling, the general human type”; these include people like Bulma or Yamcha. Meanwhile, monster-types are “Earthlings who fit into neither the animal-type nor human-type”, such as weirdoes like Pilaf. As seen in the Daizenshuu 7 quote, confusingly all 3 of these types count as humans, although only one in particular is identified as “human-type”. They’re just extra humany humans, I guess. Regardless, it’s clear that Oolong and co. are human.

On the other hand, there are regular animals like Sea Turtle or Bee, who don’t have humanoid bodies like Oolong. Daizenshuu 4 classifies them as simply animals, separate from animal-type Earthlings. Animals like these presumably don’t count as humans. When Goku meets Bulma, he says that she’s the first other human he’s met, though he’s been constantly surrounded by animals like tigers, bears, and fish. Oozaru Saiyans would probably also qualify as animals, since as we’ve seen they’re not humans.

Either that or they’re just monsters. Daizenshuu 4 refers to Giran as a “monster who is neither a member of the Demon Clan nor a monster-type Earthling”. So just as regular animals are separate from animal-type Earthlings, there are also regular monsters who are separate from monster-type Earthlings. Buyon’s also counted as a monster. Monsters like these probably aren’t humans either. Then there’s Yakon, who Kaioshin refers to as a majuu, a demonic/magical beast. Essentially, this is the animal equivalent of the term majin, demonic/magical person. So Yakon counts as a beast, not a human.
So yeah, Tien gets killed.
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