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Default Re: Poetry Competition Jan 2010

Link to thread Writings on the blue wall.

The Sakura Tree

The pink petals slowly dance to the ground,
at five centimeters per second.
Beautiful it might be,
the sight of a tree shedding its flower.

It is spring, the time flower blooms.
But it is also the time this tree lose it's flower.
The pink flower that only blooms for three day.
A rare beauty of the nature.

The wind carries a packet of pink petals,
fly it all over the city.
A sign it's going to end,
the beautiful panorama of this pink flower.

Yuki Onna

Legend speak of a beautiful woman,
who appear in a snowstorm.
She adorns a white kimono,
and walks barefooted.

Her skin is white as snow,
her long jet black hair covered her face.
Ghastly she might look,
yet men are captivated by her beauty.

Her presence bring forth cold wind,
her appearence blend in snow.
Her icy glare paralysed man,
her red lips freeze him to death.

Scary she might be,
yet it sound so lonely.
She live alone,
on the snowy mountain.

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