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Default Review Kimi no Na wa - Your Name

Review Kimi no Na wa - also know as Your Name

I recently watched this anime movie and can honestly say, it is one of the most complex, surreal, yet heart wrenching movies I have ever seen, it takes a lot to make me cry, yet at the end it did exactly that, I am not ashamed to say I was weeping uncontrollably.

It is worth noting that this movie has soared to the top of the box office ratings in Japan

The subject is bizarre. It is the story about a girl (Mitsuha) and a boy (Taki) who swap places in their dreams. Mitsuha lives in rural Japan and Taki lives in Tokyo. They both experience extreme confusion when the dream overlaps with reality and they wake up in each others bodies for a short period of time. Yet like in any dream they soon have a hard time remembering the experience. Neither Mitsuha or Taki know each other outside the dream and have never met in the physical world.

It may sound like a comedy, yet it is not, it is deeply serious and has an amazing twist near the ending that matches the Hollywood movie The Sixth Sense.

Director Makoto Shinkai has filled the void left by the retirement of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki and sad death of Satoshi Kon and has proved that the future of great anime movies is in great hands.

If you like being mentally challenged, I highly recommend, and while it is interlaced with some very clever comedic moments, this movie takes thought provoking adventure stories to a new level!!! This is a mind bending journey into an alternative reality.

The animation and artwork 10/10
The screenplay, sometimes confusing, but makes perfect sense as the story evolves 10/10

Overall 10/10. One of the best movies I have ever seen!!!!

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