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Default Paying a visit to Ghost in The Shell Live Action Movie

This month, as a fan of Gits, I went to the movie theater to watch the movie Ghost in The Shell Live Action. And here are my thoughts on it:

Cinema Experience:

Some people like to collect items and eventually I am one of them. This time I went for the movie wall poster.

The movie theater charged 15 bucks for the movie ad (equivalent to around 5 US dollars). You might think, is it too much for a Gits item?
Well I like to search for good prices.

For example, during saturdays, sometimes I stop at a hotel to have breakfast because I have to teach all day, in the morning and in the afternoon and there is not time for lunch. In the hotel you can eat
all food you want as much as you can with several options (fruit juice, tea, coffe cake, pizza, eggs, sausage, jelly, ham, cheese, etc...) and you can sit by the pool near the garden for the same price as the Gits item above (about 3-5 dollars).
So maybe it is not really cheap for some of us, especially considering that you are buying something that was used for some days by the theater. But it is a fan thing, I even got one of those poster tubes to store movie posters. Also it is printed on 2 sides. It is a pity they did not have the red version.

On the local brazilian Version of the movie:

Unfortunately the original language film became shortly unavailable to the public after some days. I don't like when they do that. This made me decide to acquire the dvd/blu-ray later in order to appreciate the sound as it should be. I never choose dubbed works if I can. And another down side was the translation for the title.
So, instead of picking the original title they created their own title. If it were me, if I were releasing the movie I would preserve the
original "logo/symbol" of Ghost in The Shell franchise or at least the
meaning. But here the name was changed by the distribution company to sound like "Vigilant of Tomorrow".

Entertainment Expectancy and Hope:

From the beggining I was one of the few people I know that already knew the product would not be as strong as the
animation. Therefore I did not enter the hype bubble and it allowed me to like or dislike more freely the strong and weak elements.


Kenji Kawaii influence and presence is very subtle throughout the movie. Echoes of his work can be heard here and there and the iconic song was only heard during the final credits. Some trailer songs appear to be different from the movie songs, which is cool because I thought the movie songs were better than the trailer soundtracks.
On the movies, songs were longer too, as


Gits - Live Action is a dilluted version. It presents a view that seems closer to Blade Runner. The methaphysical sphere was not fully displayed as Shinto and Buddhist elements appear in the original work as non linving things to emerge with life and consciousness.
It has cool touches as Motoko's computer diving being portrayed like sinking in a lake but unfortunately these ideas and interpretations have too little time on the screen.
Motoko's exhibits hope, but it is a "western" kind of hope. On Mamoru Oshii and SAC versions hope can be both a gift and a curse because it can steal your peace of spirit but on the movie it seems limited to a matter of identity crisis expeling the philosophy quest plot.


My favorite ones were Aramaki, Togusa and Batou. Although I loved Scarlet's work on Lucy this time she did not have the privilege of a director as good as Luc Besson commanding the staff and this makes a difference. Some "first line directors", Spielberg, James Cameron, etc... could give a deeper approach while showing focus on character private stories.

Image and Special Effects:

The opening sequences look very good but it dicreases its quality on specific scenes along the running time. The weakest part would be some scenes of the "invisibility effect".


You get to see updated art of many scenes recreated using Oshii's 1995 movie. There is even an artbook now and I recommend taking a look at Halcyon Realm's web page to check samples of the material. Books like this are a sign the studios invested more than the average scifi, although I think "GITS Live Action" delivered less than it promised:


Motoko visits both classic places from the movie like the bay area and new ones that were not in the movies like the cemetery building. Watching it come to life is a delight.


Do you remember asian legendary spaces, like the slums from Kowloon City that would be perfect for a movie? Before watching I recommend not to expect to find the asian view of art and mistery in the western version. The movie robot visuals could make you think they share similarities with US Tv series like West World. The city's holographic ads look a bit like a mix of Blade Runner and 5th element, etc... Also the streets concept aims at year 2017 in the west instead of Masamune manga from the 80's dreamy days.
This is sad because from preview experiences such as Stranger Things TV series there are enough people and fans to justify the recreation of the 80s view of the world and invest not in an update but on fidelity to the first work (it is profitable too). So I tend to think that they wanted to enlarge the base of fans. The cost would be to make it lighter and focus on action.

What I wanted:

I wanted the Spider Tank to fight on the same space of the musem from 95's movie.
This song from Gits 2 playing with monks singing:
You will not see the terrifying robot convulsions when they activate puppet master broken body. Instead you have only a part of 1995 movie here.
I wished that this version came as the american version of the vampire movie Let Me In. It was better than other western versions of anime but still is not as good as Masamune work.
Motoko body had long legs, long neck, and long limbs on all versions and Scarlett is a small/compact girl. It doesn't disturb me she is western and I do not mind that she is not asian as I prefer Oshii's choice of a tall woman of greek ideal beauty represented in art schools for a robot as important as Major. Robot industries like that have international standards for military with strong and big bodies.
So, phisically the actress that played Trinity on the movie "The Matrix" reminds me a lot more of Motoko and the manga art of Masamune. However only the outside should be western. Like Andy Serki's "Gollum" it would be better if the inside of the robot were played by a japanese girl using the body of an "international beauty". I guess perhaps technology is not cheap enough to do that properly yet.

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