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Default Re: Dreamscape (closed)

"You should probably get yourself a better self-concept." Lucas stated rather matter-of-factly, looking over his shoulder as he strode past the kerfuffle going on in the hall. Mindless ingrates.. "We haven't even had a full conversation yet and I can already tell your self-esteem isn't what it should be. I mean, being able to see through my game is enough to make you smart. Even if only a little." The young man continued down the hall, taking an abrupt left to the corridor that led to his locker.

As he reached the corner, Lucas heard a loud shriek emitting from behind him, followed by the sound of rushed footsteps and a terrified looking brown-haired lad. Upon instinct, Lucas stuck his hand out just in time to catch the boy by the shirt and drag him around the corner, right in the gap between wall and row of green-painted metal lockers. "Stay there." Said he angrily, royally pissed off that he had to deal with the idiots again. "Hey." Lucas called out plainly, running a hand through his hair as he stepped past Taylor to meet a tall dark-skinned American boy. Obviously a jock. "Leave the kid alone, will you?" He sighed, showing his obvious discontent with the situation.

The dark-skinned jock crossed his muscular arms and smirked. "What exactly can you do about, scrawny?"

"How very mature of you." Lucas said sarcastically.

"Stop bein' a smart ass will you?" The older boy grunted loudly, waving a hand to bring over three of his fellow jocks.

Lucas folded his arms in the same brutish fashion. "Look," He started angrily, a flare in his eyes. "I don't have the time to bugger about with heroics. I don't, and I'm sure as hell he doesn't," Lucas gestured to the corner, where the frightened boy stood, "appreciate you using your superior size, strenght, and apparent lack of intelligence to pick on those smaller and weaker than yourselves. I mean, really, does it make you feel stronger? Does it give you that extra boost to get up in the morning? C'mon. Just let h-"

In an instant, a huge force collided with the side of his face, sending him sprawling across the hallway floor. The young man wiped his bottom lip with the cuff of his jacket slowly, wincing at the slight pain the shot through it upon connection with the little cut on his lip. His brows narrowed and his expression displayed a little weakness, but mostly anger. "Okay then..."

The group of jocks laughed at him, pointing as they did so. "Haha, nerd!"

Lucas used the wall as support to help him to his feet. Not excited about this... Lucas stepped forward, grabbing the ringleader by the shoulder as he was turning around to walk away, only to turn him back around and return the favor. Lucas could feel the connection of fist with jaw as they collided with each other. "Don't you ever lay a finger on me with out permission, bitch." He smirked as the boy hit the floor, only to jump back up with nothing more but a red mark. Well shit. Lucas sighed to himself, thinking about how stupid he felt now. The other boy's fist came at him, and Lucas narrowly avoided it with a pivot to the right, ducking in the process to be met with the boy's knee.

"I'm a brown belt in Karate, bitch." Said the boy as he kicked Lucas to the floor again. Without another word, the boy began pummeling Lucas against the wall, holding him there forcefully. Lucas could do nothing to protect himself, the dark boy was much stronger than him.

Feeling that Lucas had had enough, the dark boy released him, lettign him fall to the floor barely conscious. "The name's Curtis. Don't you forget it." Said Curtis as he turned away, walking back down the hall laughing and joking with the others.

"Ow... That... was stupid..." Lucas mumbled.

Is that the best you can do?