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    Son Goku's Avatar

    Im proud of myself

    Haha thankyou! feels a lot better to eat now Thought Id give you all something to read rather than a one liner
    Posted 04-21-2018 at 11:17 PM by Son Goku Son Goku is online now
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    Saber's Avatar

    Im proud of myself

    Glad your toothaches been cured. And you are welcome to blog anytime.
    Posted 04-20-2018 at 07:59 PM by Saber Saber is offline
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    Saber's Avatar

    Devils' Line | * Devil * ]

    Okay that is great. Good luck with finals. Maybe you want to add your amv to the amv competition.
    Posted 04-17-2018 at 08:51 PM by Saber Saber is offline
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    Top 5 Fantastic Anime Wallpaper Background Effect

    Brilliant to watch. I like them all.
    Posted 04-13-2018 at 11:48 PM by Saber Saber is offline
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    Pidge's Avatar

    Help me get my 2 stone award

    i wish you the best of luck
    Posted 04-09-2018 at 12:17 AM by Pidge Pidge is offline
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    Saber's Avatar

    Help me get my 2 stone award

    I feel so humgry. I have tried having another drink to stop the focus on food. I avoided takeaway and had a mini meal cooked by me. It was salt and fat free.
    Tonight I had a piece of toast and a cocoa. I think that should keep me going until morning.
    Tomorrow I intend to make some salad and and eat that for snacks. But for now I am too tired to do anything else. I have one snack left which is my overnight oats and it has oats, yoghurt and fruit.
    If I don't have it tonight I will eat it for breakfast.
    And after tomorrow I should have rested and be back on track to exercise. Wish me luck.
    Posted 04-08-2018 at 10:33 PM by Saber Saber is offline
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    Bleach | * Angel Of Darkness * ]

    Originally Posted by Saber View Comment
    Well done Rae and keep up the beautiful AMV's. You have a beautiful skill.

    Thank you very much
    Posted 03-29-2018 at 05:36 PM by Rae502 Rae502 is offline

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