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The Chronicles of Tytania - Kingdom Hearts characters

Posted 09-18-2011 at 09:28 AM by Syn

[COLOR="White"]For now, I want them to be a sort-of cameo in my ongoing fan fiction. I'd change a few details about them to suit the social setting of the story.

1. LEA (Axel)

Current age: 15
Residence: Central Tytania
Half-Saiyan, half-human. His mother is a Saiyan who is a top-ranking general in the military. His father is a gifted pyrokinetic and also a scholar. His life is steeped in deep disciplinary values, but often finds himself getting into trouble for being rebellious - something also attributed to his strict upbringing.

2. ISA (Saix)

Current age: 15
Residence: Meridia
Orphaned at a very young age during the Namekian-Makyan Civil War at the Meridian borders 10 years ago, Isa was raised under the watchful, compassionate eyes of Commander Aldebaran and the rest of the White Knights Guild. Piccolo's junior in the academy, he greatly admired the Namekian's astounding skill and discipline, and hopes to be like him someday.


Current age: 10
Residence: Central Tytania
Even when orphaned as a baby, he was immediately taken care of by a few scholars who work in Tytania's Castle of Knowledge, of which his deceased parents used to work. Under the guidance and care of a human scholar named Even, Ienzo was a very curious but quiet little boy. He was also of Saiyan heritage, but didn't know of it. Rumor has it that one of his parents was a non-fighter Saiyan, a rare occurrence in Saiyan society, which explains Ienzo's benevolence, gentle manners and reluctance to cause trouble.


Current age: Unknown
Residence: Secluded, abandoned mansion just at the edge of Southern Tytania
Not much is known of him except that he was a tremendously powerful weapons maker - not even the best of Tytania's weapon makers can rival his extraordinary skills. There had been rumors that he was a great warrior as well, but that has never been confirmed. Extremely picky at his trade, choosing only to make weapons for those who "truly deserve the full extent of their weapon's potential".


Current age: 45
Residence: Central Tytania
Rather energetic for an elderly man, he used to be one of King Vegeta's league of warlords during the Great War. Now retired. Known back then - and today still - to have an extraordinary aim and shot, and is known as "The Freeshooter". He was the one who taught Vegeta how to "aim like a pro" using the Gunblade, emphasizing that the Gunblade "isn't only used for hacking and slashing - or else what's the use of the "GUN" part of it?"[/COLOR]
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    the gunbalde in ur story is my favorite weapon and this is just awsome
    Posted 09-18-2011 at 02:39 PM by Vegeta Vegeta is offline

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