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Jurassic World

Posted 06-13-2015 at 06:03 PM by LoopyPanda

I saw it yesterday and OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD.

It wipes the existence of JP 2 & 3 completely. Which is good since JP3 sucks eggs.

Spoilers from here on btw

I liked all the allusions it made to the 1st movie and was glad they actually showed us how it would look as a legit park since we saw so little of it in the first movie.

And we saw the main dino throughout the movie instead of a few shots. XD and hey, only took 15 minutes to show up rather than the 30+ minutes in JP3. It didn't get the Godzilla 2014 appearance treatment and I'm glad.

I had a few issues with the movie, but one is more nitpicky and based on personal preferences so I won't list that as a legit reason to dock off any points.

[SPOILER][COLOR="black"]-The raptors turning on Owen & Co. was very much forseeable and given that Indominis is a hybrid kinda made it easier to predict.
-It's always the V-raptors. Always. But the way the final fight ended redeems this aspect so I'll take this point back for it.
-I have no clue how those nightvision goggles still worked after 20+ years of abandonment. Hammond must have had a really good QA manager for his merchandise. This wasn't really an issue but I just wanna say that. XD
- How did I. Rex 'claw' out its tracking device? Those arms may be a bit longer than T. Rex's, but I don't think it could reach to its center of its back even by curling around. Then again, it was a bit of an inference, and we don't know where specifically on the back they inserted it. Not sure why the flesh wasn't bloody though. I think she chomped it out and spat it. But that's my guess.
-The teenage brother was so annoying initially since he always acted bored and stuff. But since we got context of this world before they got to the park, I can't complain.[/COLOR] :lol:[/SPOILER]

Scenes I like:
-Jimmy Fallon cameo. Nuff said.
-I. Rex tearing those troops apart and watching them all flatline was a really nice emphasis on how terrifying it is that this dinosaur escaped its paddock.
-I. Rex & Owen hiding under the car. Don't know how he didn't pee his pants.
-I LOVED THE GYROSPHERE SCENE. IT WAS AEWESOME. I felt so bad for the Ankylosaur, but I'm glad there was a different species matchup in this installment.
-The kids exploring the old center had some really enchanting shots. I liked it and paid a nice homage to the first movie.
-The final panning shot with T. Rex. Then roars like "THIS IS MY KINGDOM!!!"
-Pterodactyls flying everywhere was nuts and built up a lot of tension.

I was kinda bummed that Dilophosaurus didn't make a physical comeback since seeing that thing shoot goop into Indolminis's eyes would've been pretty funny. XD

I'd give this a 8-9/10. Definitely getting a DVD of it.
The wildest JP movie ever I think. Straight-up.
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    Jcoss's Avatar
    yeah, the movie was great, also it's arms are at least 4 times longer then the T-rex
    Posted 06-14-2015 at 06:46 PM by Jcoss Jcoss is offline
  2. New Comment
    So it's got a big head and proportionate arms. B|

    Posted 06-15-2015 at 03:59 AM by LoopyPanda LoopyPanda is offline
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    Jcoss's Avatar
    I wonder which would win the super predator from Jurassic Park 3 or the Indolminis Rex
    Posted 06-15-2015 at 08:59 PM by Jcoss Jcoss is offline

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