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o-hisashiburi desu!

Posted 07-02-2010 at 07:54 PM by Lightning

Damn right it's been a while.
How is everybody?!
Ah jeez. I can't believe i'm ill today. It actually SUCKS. Dx
I slept most of today alongside watching animes and drawing. xD

I was pretty impressed with my drawing of Tensa Zangetsu earlier. xD
He looks so Badass as a soul in Bankai! >;D

The manga Tsuyogari.. wow. So.. just..
wow. xD

I'ma randomly babble about shiz that comes to my head, 'cause it's fun. >;D

Ohmygawd my form tutor is leaving, apparently she cried today when my class gave her flowers and the card. I got told about it on the phone. It's such a shame i missed that. xD

I watched some more of Dance in the Vampire Bund. I'm on like Episode 10 now.. xD

Anybody know a good anime i could watch. I need a few for over the 6 week holiday or i'ma get SO bored. xD

I start work experience monday. I have to leave the house at like 6:30am and don't get back until 4:30pm. Dx
Which means i have to get up at like 5:30 if i have ANY chance of taming my hair in the morning. Dx
I hate getting up earlyyy. Dx Dx Dx

orite, randomthoughtahead.
If there's anything people wants to know about me or anyone has a random quesion for me, put it in the comments and i'll answer it. Literally, any question at all. Within clean boundaries of course. xD
I'm bored so someone do ett! xD
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