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The Life of the Dragon Master

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Otoboku- Maidens are Falling For Me!

Posted 05-26-2015 at 09:13 PM by Jcoss

the story takes place after the main character's Grandfather passes away, and leaves in his will that he wants him to attend an Exclusive Academy. The Issue is the Academy is an all Girl school, of the staff only his Homeroom Teacher and the Academies' Headmistress knows that he's a boy and for the student's only his childhood friend knows. What's a boy got to do when he attends a school for girls, guess he needs to pretend to be a girl, which is harder then it looks. the most popular Girl in school figures out his secret, and helps him, all the girls through out the school think he's amazing being smart and athletic he's nominated to be the schools so called older Sister who everyone looks up to, winning by 82% of the vote. eventually his Childhood friend starts to fall for him but she's not the only one, the Student Counsel President also starts to fall in love with him and eventually finds out that he's a boy when he protects her from a pair who try to kidnap her.

State your thoughts.
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