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Posted 11-06-2018 at 01:13 AM by Pidge

i am so not ready for tomorrow. my friend that i have work with found a new job and tomorrow is her last day. and i know i am going to cry a lot. i really wish i could find another job but because i need to have a full time job right now is hard to find anyone that hires full time anymore. i can't wait for next year to be over. my house pays off and my parents car will be paid for the year after that and those are your biggest bills right now. i just try to keep telling my self it just 12 more months and then it will not matter what kind of job i have to have. on top of it another really good worker we had found another job last week. so having one of the best team i work with all leave at once has been a little hard for be and the fact that i don't handle good byes very well. on a positive note i got to 700 subscribers on my youtube channel which makes me feel awesome. i never set out to have any but it makes me very happy that other people like my videos so much. i also had one of my video get up to 70,000 views which again i can't believe and makes me very happy. i really am trying hard to focus on the positive things in my life because i know how hard it is fixing to be for me at work. and for some reason my managers can't seem to know a good person from a bad one because they keep hiring these people that don't care and act so stupid. i mean this one girl could not do simple division how can you work some where and not know what is half of 5 dollars. it mean that are some prices i have a bit of trouble with but that is what the calculator is for and then we have one girl that i swear no matter how many times we show her how to do something she never remembers but sometime i think that is a act because she doesn't want to do the work. sorry for the rant. it is just this is the only place i can talk about stuff with being judged. and sometimes just talking about or writing it in my blog helps a lot because then it's not all bottled up inside because i think that is one of my bad habits is that i hold it all in until i am the one that is hurting. hope everyone has a great week.
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