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Tien's Training Log

Posted 10-19-2014 at 12:06 PM by Tien

Earlier this year I did a routine to work on my muscular endurance. Below is what I did.

1) Sit ups - I did 1000 repetitions in as short an amount of time as possible, and worked on decreasing that time.

2) Weight swinging - By this time I was able to do 200 repetitions on each side, which is significantly more than I was able to do the previous year. Towards the end of me using this routine I had built up to 400. I did just one set on each side rather than doing a lot of sets without stopping like I did previously. Unlike the sit ups and squats I worked on improving the number of repetitions rather than decreasing the time.

3) Squats - Just like the sit ups, I did high repetitions and worked on decreasing the time.

4) Push ups - I alternated between push ups and sit ups so that I was able to work continuously. The main purpose of the sit ups was to let my arms rest, as my abdominals wouldn't get much benefit compared to the large amount I did previously. I did sets of ten for both the push ups and the sit ups, which while easy at first got much harder as my muscles fatigued. I did this until I had done a total of 200 push ups and 200 sit ups.

5) Light weight lifting - I did various weight lifting exercises with a light weight and moderately high repetitions.

6) Abdominal exercises - I did I lower number of repetitions than I did with the sit ups, but did a variety of exercises so I was able to work different muscles that might not be included as much with the sit ups. These included:

- V ups

- Twists with weight

- Back raises

- Weighted side plank
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    Very interesting to read. You are so good at working out your programmes and sticking things out until you achieve your goals. Incredible.
    Posted 08-12-2015 at 02:23 AM by Saber Saber is offline

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