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not much of a wonderful world anymore but well still a place to rant and moap around dadidada
its starting to get better but most likely go down hill fast
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legal stuff ugh

Posted 04-27-2018 at 05:33 AM by Vegeta

well here i am being a really bad mod do to life situations it sucks big time that i wish i had magic powers that liars and cheats wouldnt be able to touch us but i unfortunatly am not magic -sigh- anyway thank you ascended vegeta for being so patient with me and understanding once things settle down and i get my own computer fixed if ever (im on my dads atm)

anyway ......

ok heres the major situation at hand i had to move back in with my dad cause having robyn 6 weeks early made my husband lose his job (not robyns fault hubbies bosses fault) so we lost out place that we would have been able to buy if we had good standing rent for 6 months straight but anyway we moved in with dad in feburary and now this 15 yr old that is my dads exs daughter lied about dad doing things to her that of course he didnt do he told me so himself and i know for a fact he wouldnt do anyway she lied about it cause her friends told her to do so and she does what her friends do and tell her to do and now hes in jail cause of that lie he never done anything to her if i had $15,000 to bail him out i would so that we can figure this out together but i dont and i have no way of getting it either and its depressing
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