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Tigers, wild and beautiful but fighting for their existence

Posted 06-20-2014 at 01:44 AM by Saber
Updated 06-20-2014 at 01:46 AM by Saber

Tigers are awesome. And I have been watching a programme about two cubs who were born at Australia zoo. And they are helping to be ambassadors for tigers. Do you know there are only about 500 tigers left in Sumatra. That is a particular species of tiger.
Again hunting, poaching and laying snares for wild animals is rife and at a disgustingly high level. In Indonesia the crime level against their wildlife is ridiculous and they do not care how they kill the animals. A few work in the National Parks and in the Jungle and try to protect the tigers that are left but they have become so elusive that they have never seen a live tiger. Except for the ones in the zoo. That is just crazy.
The snares cut into the paws of the tiger and go right into the bone. Sometimes the tiger tries so hard to get away they cut their own paw off. There really is no escape because they will still die when that happens.Anyone who reads this give a thought to the Sumatran tiger and its plight. It seems that they are gonna die out in less than ten years as the demand for bone, meat and skins is so high. Especially in traditional herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine believes that tiger bone has special powers. I have even seen medecines in China town in London that claim to have tiger bone in them. Of course I did not buy it.We all have choice in the west and we can choose to fight gainst the bushmeat trade. We can choose to not support the bushmeat trade. We can give money to help the cause but we will have a lot of effect if we all say clearly to Indonesia that they need to have tougher penalties for poachers and to enforce the penalties. The poachers are not scared as they can get away with just a few months in prison if that. The maximum sentence is only 5 years and they never get that.

I think the tiger is such a beautiful creature and I want them to survive. That means they have to be supported in the breeding programmes across the world. And they have to be saved in the wild.
At the moment it looks worse than grim. We as humans do not seem able to live alongside any species peacefully and even when our bellys are full we have to kill the animals that we live alongside.. We do not seem able to stop. Those of us who know this is wrong need to fight the barbaric nature and behaviour of the poachers. Poaching is a trade worth billions of pounds. The rarer the species the more money they get for the carcass. But it is an evil trade and we have to fight against the evil.
I would love to see the tiger in Sumatra survive. I have been fighting the cause of the orang-utans, the elephants and now I feel I have to shout up about the tigers.
Once they are gone they cannot be brought back. That is what should be realised.. But such is the greed of the poachers they just have revved up their demand for the creatures. We have to support those on the ground fighting against the poachers. The good guys of Sumatra are having to live in the jungle for two weeks at a time and carry everything with them. They have to be very brave men. They need western support to protect the tigers. Please spare a thought for these tigers today. I was crying when I saw the tiger skins which had been laid on the porch. After watching the programme about the two cubs in Australia zoo, the man who leads the work with tigers , Giles Clark was crying. He showed the men who try to protect the tigers , a video of the cubs being born. And they were all touched by the experience. They also realise Giles has devoted his life to the tigers and their protection. He has raised over a million dollars for the programme in Sumatra to help protect the tigers. He should be recgonised for his teams work and for the devotion he has to the tigers.
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