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The Life of the Dragon Master

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The Third (Girl with a Blue Eye)

Posted 05-12-2015 at 11:38 PM by Jcoss

the Story is about Honoka and her journey as the "Blade Dancer" an expert Swordwomen who travels around a post apocalyptical world ruled by 'The Third' people who possess a third eye.

Honoka is a 17 year old swordwomen who's a jack of all trades who works as an escort or trader primarily she uses a quick draw technique and Chi along with her 'third eye' known as the azure eye she doesn't possess the ability that other thirds possess. her eye bestows upon her a 6th sense the ability to predict what her opponents can do.

Eeks is an alien life form known as the Arbiter the bringer of the end, he first meets Honoka and eventually falls for her, he asks her to show him the world so he can make up his mind if the world should end.

Mille is a friend of Honoka who is the daughter to the Mechanic who tunes up Honoka's tank, upon his death Honoka took it upon herself to help Mille and brought her to her aunts place occasionally taking her out on adventures with her.
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