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HYPER ME! aka brains

Posted 07-23-2009 at 03:57 AM by didi.hyper

oaky, my first blog.. not totally sure what 2 do here so ill talk about randomness.... except they all ran away from me! you see, sometimes my brain tries 2 eat me, that would b when u yell "its gonna eat me!" which his now.... my brain is a very confusing place.... you know how you have a really big thought and it just keeps going, and foing, and going? yeah... thats my brain all the time but w/ a whole bunch of those all at once plus normally at least three songs stuk in it, but normally more.... there is so much chaos that it feels like my brain is buzzing and i cant tell what is happening in it... its very confusing.... why was i tlaking about my brain? i dont know... perhaps i should call this brains instead of HYPER ME! oh, and anime is a great way 2 calm my brain down, and manga. it makes me focus on one thing... so anyways!

peace love happiness!! ^^,
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