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Training : 'Let it burn, let it hurt'

Posted 01-13-2017 at 03:24 PM by Elementalkatana

10-19-2016 / Strength Training + Running = Okay, it's been about two to three months since I changed my training program with an emphasis on increasing strength.
I gained 4 kilos this season, and I hope I have gained more muscle than fat. Doing an analysis, I exceeded my expectations, in fact I was surprised by my ability. I never really imagined that I would be able to have the mental and physical ability to perform some movements with heavy loads. This was a great experience and discovery as well.
Next week, I will have my program changed for hypertrophy and resistance.
Let's see what this new version of me can do and achieve new goals. I thought that I'll scare the big guys in the gym, however, I'm scare with myself now.

Be strong and stand

*Remembering :

Muscular Strength = It is the ability to exert maximum force for a given bodily movement. The increase in force follows a certain temporal course. A greater share of the contribution to this increase comes from neural adaptation (improved coordination and exercise efficiency), but over time the contribution of increased muscle mass becomes essential for increased strength. The choice of exercises is usually emphasized. In strength training, recovery is very important, because of over-load;

Hypertrophy = also called an increase in muscle mass, it happens with the increase of the volume of muscles. In this type of training it is important to maintain tension for a longer time, to stimulate muscle growth and a considerable amount of isolation exercises occur;

Muscle Resistance= It is the maximum time that an individual is able to maintain isometric or dynamic force in a given exercise or ability to maintain the contractile ability of muscle. That is, it is the muscular capacity to remain active or maintain tension, the longer the period of resistance.
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    Saber's Avatar
    Wow you mean business. Elemental you can do it. You inspire me every day with my excercise and I just love your determination. You already have sculpted your body into the shape you wanted and I know you can advance on that.
    Posted 01-13-2017 at 07:55 PM by Saber Saber is offline

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