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Posted 11-22-2014 at 05:54 PM by roze11san

My wireless broadband has failed.
Deactivated actually, I've been moping around all day and refuses to wake up from my sister's bed no matter how many kids are making noises and how many planes cross the skies. Until she decide to lay on the tiles.

It isn't my fault that the bills are over due! >< No! Hmp! I don't even get the bills not even an email, how am I supposed to remember about it ever single months. I subscribe the broadband and all and gave my mail for them to send the bills but none ever came. Until I open an account(the fourth account) in the ocs, and saw that they did not put my email there. And they make me sub to different-and-more-expensive service! woot! This is just a stupid-stupid mistake. (I'm just a student, I don't pay expensive!)

Internet services speed in here is fine. The coverage(for wireless) is shit, sometimes okay. And the bandwidth limit is ridiculous! Overall, it is expensive. I'm suppose to sub to 16GB pack; and it was divide by 3GB(i think) in peak hour and the rest is after 2am until 8am. I don't understand why they do that.

Obviously 3GB isn't enough for me, that'll just keep me for a day or two. Don't even ask what I did online, I don't even know what's eating all with this bandwidth. But they make me sub to 20GB per month, so I get to use fast internet for at least 2/3 days. The price is doubled though. man..

Now I'm using my backup network(my phone). It's frustratingly extra slow, and they recently change the price while I'm not using their network. So now my phone carrier charge their service by the quota limit too! Imagine what I can do with only 800MB?? for two weeks? Yes, they set time limit too! But I don't even need that much time to use all that 800.....

sigh* OH Hey I'm back on writing this entry. I have to save it and leave it without actually publishing it because of the limit paranoia. My lil sis (and big one) also use my internet so they went 'WHAT?' when I told them there will be no wifi for a day. Of course, I still turn my wifi on, and at some point I realize the net is much more slower so I turn a cold death glare at them. Hah! Those freeloader!

So now my broadband is back on working 24/7, and I remember to publish this~

Thanks for reading all this rants -_-
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    Something about internet speeds and limits. Usually they measure speed in Mbps or Mb/s which is Mega bit per second, while download limit is measure by MB or GB which are Mega byte and Giga byte respectively. 1 Byte = 8 Bits
    Posted 11-22-2014 at 09:09 PM by Tadashi Tadashi is offline

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