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it's been a while..

Posted 09-28-2017 at 02:43 AM by Son Goku

Hey homies! Long time since I've done this lol. Just an update for the blog. Im learning Japanese.
But it's hard. I've only just started it, but I thought Id get it faster that what I am lol. words just keep falling out of me I guess haha. So if anyones learning Japanese and would like to chat about anything, feel free to say hi! ^^
Also! already on 108 episodes of DragonBallSuper.
How glorious =D Even though I personally feel that it will never beat Dbz. I hope it goes a looooong way.
Like maybe Naruto length lol. Also I hope Im not wrong in saying this.. But the Animation could be better. shame it's being done by low payed animators.
And a short time to do so. Shame. A top anime deserves good animators =/ However, it is pretty good.
And lastly but not leastly lol. I made a slight mistake lol. I ordered a sofa on my catalogue that when it got delivered.. I found out its actually bigger than my door frame. And it doesn't help that my hall way is small. as that makes it worse. pfft. So now I have a useless sofa sat on it's side in the hallway XDXDXD Im not happy..
However Im good =) Hope you're all well.
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