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Captains Log: Tuesday, Oct. 6th 2009

Posted 10-06-2009 at 01:33 PM by +Masamune+

i have been up for *checks clock* 22hours now and im not tired at all lol. a small storm just passed by and i got to enjoy the sound of rain. i scrambled some eggs and made a burrito for breakfast along with some orange juice
i bet my dad is going to find something for me to do today that takes a lot of energy so i will be tired like putting plastic over some windows or cutting wood for the winter >_<
i just finished another Ghibli Studio movie called "Whisper of the Heart." it was a pretty neat love story. i finally found out what the OP song was and got the remix of it -Country Road-.
im about 15mins. into the first episode of "Le Portrait de Petit Cossette" and it seems confusing, then again, i made sense out of "serial experiments lain", so i will figure this anime out XD.
listening to "Flyleaf" right now and the sun is now seeping threw the curtains in my room. i am gonna have to go in a bit to do some chores.
im staring at my phone because i told my friend to comment on my Umineko AMV parody or i was going to kill his dog

well i guess thats about it for this morning, if something exciting happens today, ill edit this blog.

MasamuneSephiroth signing off!
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