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Naolyn Mango - flotante Mango

Posted 05-18-2015 at 02:14 AM by ShineCero
Updated 05-18-2015 at 05:18 PM by ShineCero

[CENTER][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Silver"][B][U]Naomi Lynza Salazar[/U][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

[COLOR="Silver"]Age:[/COLOR] 19 [Part One] |||| 20 [Part Two] |||| 22 [Part Three] |||| 24 [Part Four]
[COLOR="Silver"]Birthday:[/COLOR] September 4th
[COLOR="Silver"]Gender:[/COLOR] Female
[COLOR="Silver"]Ethnicity:[/COLOR] Hispanic
[COLOR="Silver"]Status:[/COLOR] Neutral [Part One] |||| Hero [Part Two+]
[COLOR="Silver"]Personality:[/COLOR] She was a bit of a coward and often run away if danger proves to more than she could handle. She is nervous around new people that come to her. However, over the years, she begun to leave behind her cowardliness ever the more she hang around with others, though she still have a tendency to run away.
[COLOR="Silver"]Power:[/COLOR] Telekinesis [Part One] |||| Telekinetic Destruction [Part Two+]
[COLOR="Silver"]Weakness/Limits:[/COLOR] Her powers stresses out her brain due to the amount of energy it had to emit. Thus, if she doesn’t stop and give her a body a break, it will overheat her brain and potentially fried it, which can be fatal for her. If an object prove to be too dense or heavy for Naolyn, she will not big or destroy it.
[COLOR="Silver"]Appearance:[/COLOR] She stands tall at 4'11, weighing about 105 Ibs (48 kg). Her skin color is tan, but on the light side. She has straight, short black hair and has green eyes. She has dark circle around her eyes due to the lack of sleep. She wears a dark greyish hoodie that sports a picture of a famous cartoon within the story. She has tight sweatpants and has worn-out sneakers.

After the destruction of Lost City, she grew out her hair after those time, sporting a pony tail. She also change her attire, wearing a sweater she gotten from Cernia and starting wearing jeans.

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"][CENTER][COLOR="Silver"]History [/COLOR][/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT]

The location of Naolyn’s birth place is stated to be somewhere in the southern part of Florida, United States. When she was young, she would traveled a lot with her mother throughout the parts of South Florida, living in a run out apartment. Her mother was rather an “explorer” in vast areas. She never knew about her true father, especially since she would see her mom coming home with a different man every time. For days, she would disappeared from the house, leaving Naolyn alone in the darkness. Naolyn never went to school or any form of intuition, thus never received the proper knowledge of the world.

Those fond memories of her mother was rather short lived, but precious; they would play together and walk through the parks, a typical mother-daughter relationship. When Naolyn started to showcase her power when she reach the age of 3 and often lift objects just to make a smile on her mother’s face, even when her mother was down. She didn’t harbor anything feelings that Naolyn was a special. Those happy moments brings out the inner beauty that of their relationship.

By the time Naolyn reached the age of 10, her mother has started to come home less and less. When she does, she goes straight to the corner of the home, curled up and begin to cry. She would often muttered herself and had a hard time breathing. When Naolyn tried to cheer her up using her telekinesis, she was only shove away. A slightest of touch of her mother’s body, would set her off. Yet, Naolyn can clearly see the bruises all over the body. Naolyn narrowed her eyes, wanting to help her mother out with anything, but she was meant with silent. Pure silence. From that day forward, Naolyn suffered physical abuse from her mother; being hit by bottles or any other blunt objects, as she came home strung out on drugs or drunk. The thin line that Naolyn and her mother shared, was now cut. As she grows, Naolyn started to hate her own mother. She had thoughts of running away, but never felt when the right time was. Perhaps it was her sympathy and wanted to find a chance for mother to redeem herself? Whatever the chase was, she wanted to be free.

On a Tuesday morning, Naolyn was about 15 years old. She was cleaning up the Apartment while her mother was once again out in the streets. Entering her mother’s room to clean up, she’d noticed a note that appeared on her mother’s desk. Curious, she took a look; upon reading it, she’d narrowed her eyes. Her mother had borrow so many money for her drug uses but was unable to pay back the loans. She has two weeks to pay, or she’ll faced the consequences. Today is the day when the 2 weeks was up. Narrowing her eyes, Naolyn felt sick in her stomach, thinking that something was about to happen to her mother. She rushes out of the room, but she seen her mother coming in, with 3 strangers.

Relieved, Naolyn rushes to hug her mother, but was pushed away as she went to the kitchen to grab a bag. The mother sat down on a stool and looked at the man, pointing him to the Naolyn. “That’s my payment, do whatever you want with her.” One of the men smiled and grabbed Naolyn in the arm.
“A special? That’s a huge deal, we can use her for entertainment and make big bucks!” One of the men said.

Naolyn’s eyes was wide, her face fell into utter confusion. She turned to her mother, realizing that she sold her very own daughter to pay off her debts, casually. Not a single tear or hesitation came from her voice. The men were laughing and giggling while the mother was busy opening her bag, excited about what she gotten, rather than the thought of Naolyn being sold. In a fit of rage, Naolyn pushes all the men across the area using her telekinesis. She grabbed one of the men, and threw him to a wall, where his head was smashed onto it. The other two men were terrified to even move. The mother took a look at Naolyn, when she see the side she has never seen before. She couldn’t even utter a single voice towards her daughter. Naolyn took one last look at her mother, and turned her back on her. “You’re not worth it” Naolyn said, before heading out of the door. She wandered onto the streets and smelling the air, of freedom as she run, and kept on running as far as she could.

However, life was something that Naolyn expected it to be. She was tired, exhausted and had a lack of food. Months has passed and Naolyn was on the venture among the streets. No education, not even street smarts can help her. Ignorant of the harsh world and the concept of freedom was a lie, especially when you’re a special, she’d fell to the floor. She knew that her days were numbered; yet she didn’t fight back. She chose to accept death as it is. The darkness clouded her eyes, passing out onto the streets of southern part of Miami.

She’d opened her eyes. It seems that she was in a bed with a faint light shining over her head. She quickly rose up, but felt dizzy doing that. She looked around as she rubbed her eyes, seeing that she was in some kind of room. Then a door was opened, with a man coming in.

“Oh, I see that you’re finally awake!” the man said.
The man is called Fred. He was rather a tall, but slim kind of man. He was rather wearing some worn out clothes, but he seem it clean despite looking that it was wear or years. He placed the food onto the desk next to the bed where Naolyn laid rested and he went over there and sat on a sat across from her. Naolyn noticed that she had a change of clothes and grabbed the sheets to cover herself. Fred chuckled a bit and rest assure that he didn’t do anything mischievous. He said that he found her on the streets, passed out and brought her into his home to care her. He says that he’s not interested in her past because that’s something that should be put behind. “Always aim for the future” he stated. He told her that within 2 weeks, she should be ready to go at full strength and travel again. Naolyn turned to the food that he had prepare for her and took a bite. Tears formed from the side of her cheek, realizing that it was the first time she’d ever had a home cook meal and loved the mangos. Fred chuckled once more and gave her a nickname since she would always request for mangos. For some reason, Naolyn felt something about this man, a bond that she couldn’t comprehension. Even when she was recovered after those two weeks, she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay and be with Fred, it was the point that she started falling for him even though Fred didn’t felt the same. As she stayed, Fred taught her simple general education such as math and English, teaching how to read and write. When Naolyn explains to Fred that she was a special, it seems that Fred didn’t even care about such labels. “We’re all humans, creatures of the world. We should spread out our wings together, not tears each other off.” Those 2 weeks became 2 years, the happiest moment of her life.

Naolyn turned 17th today with Fred giving her a bit of a surprise. So he told her that he was going to buy her something when he returns from work. Hours have passed by and there was a knock on the door. Naolyn heads to the door, only to see Fred fell on-top of her, with knife wounds on his back, his eyes whited out. Naolyn narrowed her eyes and screamed for him. Then she turned to see a group of gangs, two of the men she had seen from her encounter in the apartment, accompanied by her mother. It seems that her mother was searching for her, not out of worried, but to receive full payments. In a fit of rage, Naolyn destroyed each and every one of them in an instant and slammed her mother to a wall. She wanted to end her mother right her and now, lifting a nearby car, but she was shot in the neck by a dark from a local officer. Dropping the car, feeling dizzy, she fell towards Fred, where she seen a present in his hands, grabbing it and shoving down her clothes before passing out.

It’s been two years since that day, as Naolyn wanders Lost City she was placed in, wearing a bracelet specially made for her.

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  1. New Comment
    This is based on ~ Z ~'s character, Naolyn Mango. Credits goes to her.
    Posted 05-18-2015 at 02:14 AM by ShineCero ShineCero is offline
  2. New Comment
    This made me cry.

    Mah bby! ;~;
    Posted 05-18-2015 at 02:28 AM by ~ Z ~ ~ Z ~ is offline

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