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Kain, Y U NO IMMUNE TO WATER? And General Nerd Rambles.

Posted 09-14-2011 at 09:20 AM by Syn

[COLOR="White"]Even the poor excuse of a vampire known as Edward Cullen is immune to water.


They created such a fantastic, suave, killer ancient vampire who practically holds the world's fate in his hands - and he dies if he comes into contact with WATER?! /headdesks I'd understand if it's holy water but we're talking about your everyday normal water here.

Please don't mind me - geek girl rant right there. Besides the water bit, Kain's probably one of the most badass vampires ever known to popular culture. I'd put him right up there with the big shots - no, he already IS right up there with the big shots, with Alucard, Abel Nightroad, Blade and Crepsley. I remember watching my sister play Legacy of Kain: Defiance (who played it a record 19 times - the most times anyone in my family has ever played on a game) and while back then I wasn't so enthusiastic about it, I was considerably influenced by her nerding anyway. Now that I actually sat down to play, I think I like it. What other game gives you the chance to actually feed on your enemies to replenish your HP?

Besides nerding on Ao no Exorcist and Legacy of Kain at the moment, I find myself also nerding on Vocaloid. Except for Miku, I think it's awesome. Right now, I'm downloading Gakupo and am planning on giving some fave Malaysian songs of mine the Vocaloid touch. I think he'll sound great with Opick's song. Gorgeous purple-haired samurai who can sing is extremely BOSS.[/COLOR]
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    Dragonlady's Avatar
    Actually, if you watch some of the old Christopher Lee Dracula movies, you'll know that running water (like a stream or river) will kill them. It's not just holy water.
    Posted 09-14-2011 at 03:39 PM by Dragonlady Dragonlady is offline
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    I know. Thing is, Kain can die even in stagnant water.
    Posted 09-14-2011 at 04:08 PM by Syn Syn is offline

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