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Second day~

Posted 09-11-2009 at 09:22 PM by randoface

Man, I think I'm going to become addicted to this whole blogging thing everday. Maybe I'll get my sister to make a website for me.. I can put my art up there, along with a blog. That would be good.. she's really good at making websites, she's done some professionally. Anyways. I digress.

Today was day #2 of school. I only had one class today because Chamber music will start on Friday evenings hopefully next week, or two weeks from now at max. The class I went to wasn't 20 minutes long like my sad short class was yesterday evening, it was actually an HOUR long, instead of it's usual 2 hours, OMG. Better than I could hope for. But today I actually wanted it to end early so I could fit in a visit to my bf's house. I was rushing around and trying to catch buses because my friend Harry was planning on meeting me at my house for four o'clock to get some shit to bring to my sister in Waterloo because they both go to school there... so at 3:00 I went to the bus stop (yes it takes an hour to get from school to my house.. EVERYDAY) with my bf in tow. Now, at this time, it's rush hour.. and thus the popular buses are very full. USUALLY I can get on the bus I need, even if it's at the floor squished in by the doors. But no, this time, the bus I needed just zoomed right on by because it had reached it's maximum capacity, and this particular bus only comes every half hour. So yeah I was like SHIT I'M GONNA BE LATE FOR HARRY. So I panicked a bit (i absolutely hate being late for things) and took the next bus to the nearest mall, where I intercepted the next 96 route bus (the one that didn't stop). So yeah I was really antsy to get home in time for my friend, but turns out it didn't even matter cuz he wasn't even there anyways. I went on MSN and was like:"DUDE, WHERE ARE YOU!" And he couldn't come over yet because his brother wasn't home with the CAR yet, so all of that rushing was for nothing, and I could have spent more time with my boyfriend... *sigh*. Apparently Harry had texted me but I never got it.. stupid cell phones. Anyways, so now I'm just waiting here for his brother to be home with the car so we he can pick up my sister's shit and we can hang out.
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