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not much of a wonderful world anymore but well still a place to rant and moap around dadidada
its starting to get better but most likely go down hill fast
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second sleepless night in a row

Posted 10-10-2011 at 05:40 AM by Vegeta

i have the slightest idea why i still cant go to sleep its almost 1 am and i only had 1 hr of sleep last night or shld i say yesterday morning at 6 am and got rudely awoken by stupid kids that think they have to argue about everything i managed to fall asleep for a few minutes to wake sudden and then have lightheadedness and the feeling like i held my breath for to long i am so confused on why i cant go to sleep hmm i was barely even hungry today as well if it wasnt for what we had for dinner i wldnt have ate and this is me only eating 2 toaster struddles for breakfast kink in my neck also decided to be apart of my day today and of course i didnt get alone time today ya my dad stayed in bed but alone time is being able to play your music at full blast without having to wake anyone doing so and its been like 2 months or so since the last time i had alone time and its a good thing i play on my laptop in my bedroom >< for there wld have been a major fight bleh i hate this i want to sleep is it coz im so excited that my rabbit is pregnant? oh i dont know anymore
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    you may have sleep deprivation that means you do not sleep much
    Posted 10-10-2011 at 02:24 PM by Itsuki Predator Itsuki Predator is offline

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