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The Life of the Dragon Master

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Naruto (Blog Part 1)

Posted 02-28-2015 at 04:23 PM by Jcoss

considering I was the Naruto section mod and Senior mod for a long time I will cover this series

Naruto is about a young ninja who wants to prove himself to the world, when the world never received him well being a Demon Retainer. As the story progresses Naruto ends up having to deal with the betrayal of his best friend and rival and an evil organization hell bent on world domination since the days of lore.

Character info
Naruto: the main character, a prankster and furiously loyal friend, and Demon Retainer. Later he becomes the Hero of Konoha and Savior of the World.

Sasuke: Naruto's best friend and greatest rival, the sole survivor of his clan's destruction he was hell bent on killing the person responsible his Brother. Later he finds out the clan destruction was sanctioned by the village and his Brother was ordered to carry it out. he later redeems himself by helping to save the world

Sakura: Naruto's crush, and third teammate. she has feelings for Sasuke. Later she becomes the apprentice to a powerful ninja to develop skills to help Naruto and later Sasuke in their ordeal to save the world.

Kakashi: the team leader and teacher to Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. later feeling responsible he aided the three in defeating the final enemy of the series by leading the charge
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