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... or: 'How did this nasty old man get on OUR forum anyway?'

Seems like a simple question... but nothing is as simple as we'd like. For instance, about 9 months ago, my wife brought up plans for our next vacation.

Her: We haven't been to the Far East yet. How about Hong Kong? Or somewhere in China?

Me: That's TOO far East. I don't think I could stand the flight time. It's 9 hours to Tokyo, and 12 to Beijing.

Her: OK, how about Japan?

Now I'll stop the dialogue here a moment, just to let the innocence of this suggestion sink in.
Then -

Her: Hon, remember the fun we had in Gerrmany because you could speak some German?

Me: (Smelling a rat) Yeah. Fun. Won't help us where we're going. (thought I was done ... NOPE.)

Her: Well... you could TRY and learn some Japanese...

And with THAT simple (ahhh, but it's never that simple, like I said) statement the start of my Japanese lessons began. I thought of my local colleges. Uh-uh. No japanese courses offered anywhere near me. None. At. All. Scheisse!

OK, I read that Japanese 'cartoons' were an OK source, for picking up simpler phrases. It's written for kids, after all (yeah, Kids! I'd still never heard of Hentai, ecchi, etc. Remember, I was new.)

I discovered 'streaming'. I found Veoh. ZOMG, Megavideo, Crunchyroll. I finally had a Rosetta Stone of sorts. Little did I know that the 'subtitles don't always translate correctly. Bought a J-E/E-J Dictionary to keep the subs honest.

OK, Old man, you still have NOT told us how you ended up here, at Animeforum.

Right, You notice above I mentioned Crunchyroll... Well, I'm am member there. I was spouting my usual nonsense in the Forums, when I received an email from a guy called saberfsk. He invited me to this new forum, and to use the term 'Ascended Vegeta' to get my account activated. Turns out saberfsk WAS Ascended Vegeta.

And THAT is how the nasty old man ended up on your forum. So blame Ascended- it was HIS fault.

Soon will be off to Anime Weekend Atlanta

Posted 09-05-2009 at 03:11 AM by stahlie (Linkages ...)

... and the count down is 13 days.

Got my 'Early Start pass in the mail already, so I don't have to stand in line to get in. I'm driving up (7 hours, but at least I'll have a car while I'm there.) Confirmed my room at the Embassy Suites Hotel Atlanta Galleria, so I have a place to crash. (No, I don't sleep in my car at these conventions anymore. That was just the ONCE, and years ago, at that...)

If you want to see the website, here ya go-

Click here to see full text
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