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Cross my fingers

Posted 06-21-2013 at 06:30 PM by LoopyPanda


Today's my mom's birthday. We haven't been on too close terms lately, but not angrily distant either. Despite that I just plan on being the 'ideal child' today.

Namely because I don't want to muck up her birthday of all days, but to help compensate for the other night where she had a nasty argument with my father over fixing the hubcap on the right tire that he nearly popped off about 11 months ago on a drunk night trying to get some food (we weren't with him and no one ended up getting hurt thank God if there is one).
Dad finally got off his stubborn mule and is planning to take the minivan to the dealership/junk scrapper to get the hubcap fixed.

He doesn't exactly have common sense, he believed he had to replace all four hubcaps. There's only one broken, and it's the most common around, they still produce the Town & Country. *rolls eyes*

But I digress.

I'm just hoping everything goes relatively well for her today, because we never can actually leave the home as a family. :-_-:
I'm also getting my hair cut today, so goodbye to the chlorine/seawater split hair!
Crossin' my fingers though!
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    Good luck today! Though, I'm sure you got this! :thumbs:
    Posted 06-22-2013 at 01:36 PM by Drago Drago is offline

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