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Astrology: truth or lie ... you decide

Posted 11-30-2017 at 04:12 PM by Elementalkatana
Updated 11-30-2017 at 04:16 PM by Elementalkatana

I've been interested in astrology. I discovered interesting things that can, indirectly, explain situations that I have already gone.
So, we have 12 signs, and likewise, twelve houses on an astral map. Like the signs, the houses can be divided into Angular (the equivalent of Cardinal), Successive (the equivalent of Fixed) and Cadents (the equivalent of Changeable).

Now, I am the energy of ...

* THE PERSONALITY OF CARDINAL SIGNS: 5 (movement, physical and physical energy activity. Impulsivity, impatience, and even abandon their projects)
* THE PERSONALITY OF FIXED SIGNS: 3 (Fixed, passion, wishes, psychic energy. The resilience to achieve their goals.)
* THE PERSONALITY OF Changeable SIGNS: 2 (Reflection, malleability, mental activity. adaptability, adjusting easily to different circumstances.)

Summarizing and Concluding: They are complementary. The cardinal signs begin the first step, the fixed ones cement this initiative with its concretizing energy, and finally, the changeable ones arise the question the constructed structure

Additional: Dharma = Aquarius / Karma = Lion
(Past Soul) a person who needs (and a lot) to draw the attention of everyone around him/her, besides not caring to take the risk that is to be noticed and to prove to others (and, above all, himself/herself) who is strong and deserves to be the leader. The greatest challenges for people with these Lunar Node
in the most essential causes and values of the human being, such as dignity, equality, respect, friendship and love.

Love: In other lives, I have worshipped individuality and put myself at the center of everything. I may have lost a good chance of loving and being with someone. Because that, in this life: My 'mission' is put myself in the shoes of others and see problems from another angle, whenever a conflict arises.
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    Really interesting
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