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So. Xemnas. You Don't Realize You're Terra at All?

Posted 09-17-2011 at 01:41 PM by Syn

[COLOR="White"]Xemnas/Aqua makes me gush, but the few fanfics of them aren't too spectacular. Each and every single fan fic I've read of them so far seem to focus on Xemnas meeting Aqua, and memories of Terra begins to resurface. It's like the authors are really writing a Terra/Aqua fic in the guise of Xemnas/Aqua.

I don't give a damn about Terra.

I don't give a damn if Terra really was in love with Aqua in the first place.

You completely throw away Xemnas' disposition and personality out the proverbial window every time Aqua comes along. I know Xemnas is basically what happens when Xehanort-controlled Terra loses his heart, but he has his own personality, his own traits that sets him apart from Terra. Sorry guys, but...I have a hard time seeing Xemnas and Terra as one being. They're both too different in EVERYTHING save for their appearance. It's like the moment Xehanort loses his memory, the Xehanort we know as a villain before BBS is a completely new being - he shares nothing in common with Master Xehanort OR Terra for the matter.

I'm not bashing Terra/Aqua, of course. I think Terra/Aqua is cute. But if I have the power to request anything at all, if you're writing about the relationship between Xemnas and Aqua, try not to involve Terra to the point that Xemnas isn't Xemnas anymore. You might call it corresponding to the story plot but I'd call it OOC. Xemnas is Xemnas. Terra is Terra. End of story.[/COLOR]
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