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The Kids in My Spanish Class Are Starting to Tick me Off.

Posted 08-30-2011 at 04:54 AM by LoopyPanda
Updated 11-23-2013 at 11:02 PM by LoopyPanda

[COLOR="Cyan"] Alright, today in Spanish class, there's this nice kid named Zeno. He's one of those foreign exchange students from Hungary. (I only thought foreign exchange students were only in the tv shows or something...) Anyway, he's got more hair on his legs than any other dude... looks like the guys need to catch up on their reading heheh... :hehee: And Colin, ohmigod I SWEAR HE CAN BE SUCH A FRIGGING RETARD! He leaned toward Zeno and loudly whispered, "Can I call you Hairy?" :facepalm: I swear there are problems with that kid! 8l And there's this kid who sits in the back with us, and he's so damn snotty. He just waltzes in the Spanish room, goin', "Hey I already know Spanish cause I took it last year, so I know it really fluently." But he's such a wannabe. He just wants to get brownie points with Colin. (popular, [NICE] dude) Then the teacher asks him a simple question in Spanish and he just sits there. I hate those kinds of people, they annoy me so bad. [/COLOR]
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