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C-K's OC Feats (Chronicler and Dragora)

Posted 03-10-2015 at 06:41 PM by Chronicle-King

Inspired by Freak's OC Feats. This post will solely feature Chronicler and Dragora for the current time, since those two are the only OCs I have on this site. However, I will mention others relating to them.

1: Chronicler and Dragora purged themselves from their original homeworld after Ruari allowed for other gods to interfere with the world of Erinn. Summoning forth Ultima, the ancestor of Chronicler, they escape from Erinn while allowing Ultima to leave a wreck of the place.

2: Neither Chronicler nor Dragora even remember where they're originally came from due to how chaotic the events of their escape was, nor does Chronicler recall that his ancient ancestor is a Deity.

3: Dragora, after his escape from Erinn, created his own universe populated with nothing but mythological creatures and talking animals similar to Narnia. However, Dragora is rarely seen in this world, but it does explain the fact Dragora is capable of full speech, just the way he speaks it makes it seem like ordinary Dragon growling and roars.

4: Chronicler was corrupted into the form of a Dark Knight before his escape from his home dimension. Now, however, he is once again back to his Paladin self from which he is known as today.

5: Chronicler and Dragora's backstories on their profile posts are the backstories both of them acquired when Ultima retconned their very existence so that they would be free from Erinn.

6: Dragora, in his self created dimension of animals, is called the "God of Life", as he is currently the only Dragon from the realm he created. However, Dragora continues to stick around Chronicler because he wants to hide his true nature and past, and Dragora, as a result, is a mere mortal Dragon rather than an immortal.

7: Dragora, when currently located in his created realm, can be understood by any human or intelligent being. However, in any other realm, only Chronicler is capable of fully understanding his dialogue all of the time unless another character is capable of speaking Draconic languages.

8: Chronicler retains his powers from Erinn, and by the day he finally left, he gained the ability to further enhance his Paladin Mode into that of an alternate armored, WINGED Paladin Mode should he ever be able to fully concentrate his abilities into his Claymore Sword at the same time.

9: Dragora's usage of Ice, Fire, and Thunder magic, even though his default is Thunder, classifies him as a unique type of Dragon in most worlds despite his species being "Thunder Dragon".

10: Chronicler has access to a magical staff that allows him to transform himself into a 10 year old child and eventually re-age back up to his normal age of 25 in merely 15 weeks of time from when he "rebirthed" into a 10 year old body.
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