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Going On Vacation for This Week

Posted 08-06-2012 at 06:41 AM by LoopyPanda
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Kay, so today (It's already Monday here) I'm going to San Antonio and stay there for a week. We'll get there around 6:00 pm, so I'm sure the trip will take all day. We won't be going anywhere, just rest, so I can get online using the hotel's WiFi.
Tuesday & Wednesday, I'm hanging around at Schlitterbahn (Most Awesome Waterpark in the world) and post either really early or 9:00 pm.
Thursday & Friday, we'd go around the city and stick around Sea World, and the River Walk and some Malls, I guess.
So some stilted activity this week. And I won't reply to messages instantly, so... :bead: RPs and stuff are slow as it is, so you needn't worry about me misding something. Unless I'm in a cranky mood and don't want to get 'in character' as they say.
Oh, I had an awesome day at my friend's house yesterday though! :3
She and 4 of our friends came too. One of them I hadn't met personally, but I saw her around school, she's pretty cool, and we hate the same people! >D :lol:
So we spent 4 hours in the pool swimming and just talking about the people at school that like to get attention. My friend Hannah wouldn't stop licking me though. It was pretty funny. She'd lick my shoulder for, like, 5 minutes and I still wouldn't notice she was licking me. :lol:
I gorged on Coke Zero (Casey kept teasing me about how I drink the crappy soda and not Dr. Pepper. XD)
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