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The Life of the Dragon Master

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Throughts on The Legend of Dragoon

Posted 01-17-2015 at 02:14 PM by Jcoss
Updated 01-18-2015 at 01:29 AM by Jcoss
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here are my thoughts on this PS1 game

Story was great nice character development
skill system can be rough at times since you have to time all your button press right to complete the skill
Magic system depletes to quickly only allowing the max usage of about 5 spells before you need to rest to replenish your mp
the real kicker is the ability to change forms from normal person into a powerful Dragoon

Dart the Red Dragoon.jpg

for those who have played it what are your thoughts on this game?

As for me I liked it

here is a link to Masamune's review of the game Legend of Dragoon
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    Vegeta's Avatar
    never heard of it but it does sound interesting i never owned a ps1
    Posted 01-17-2015 at 02:33 PM by Vegeta Vegeta is offline
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    Jcoss's Avatar
    you can get it off the PS store and downloaded it to a PS3, PS4, PSP, or a PSVita
    Posted 01-17-2015 at 03:15 PM by Jcoss Jcoss is offline
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    Legend of Dragoon is amazing. One of my top 5 favorite RPGs to date. If not almost exclusively for the combat system.

    Physical attacks are done through button combos like Zero's Command Arts from Megaman. Different attacks have different uses. Most are divided into four categories.
    1. Powerful attacks used to deal high amounts of damage.
    2. Attacks that build up your characters SP to allow them to change into their dragoon form.
    3. Ultimate combos that build both damage and SP. All other attacks must be mastered to unlock the final one.
    4. Bow Attacks. These do set amounts of damage and SP recovery.

    Magic attacks are utilized through the use of items during battle when you're not the namesake of the gam, a dragoon. Use an item, then mash X like no tomorrow. The number is the percentage of damage you'll be doing. 250 being the max.

    Items were key in this game as they allowed you to heal and use magic. However, a key item was removed in the NA version that doubled your bag size, so it's actually harder than the original.

    The plot was fantastic and really jerks at your heartstrings. From losing key members to having to fight old party members, you'll grow attached to your party in deep ways right before your heart is ripped out. The ending caught me off guard.

    My only issues with this game are the god awful voice acting during cutscenes and the best side quests/weapons being completely unavailable if you didn't know to look in a certain spot in the first 30 seconds of the game. Yeah, that happened.

    The music. Not as good as Megaman, Metroid or Final Fantasy, but definitely up there. Would listen to again.

    I'd give it a 9/10. Innovative combat system, great story with fantastic music and only a few letdowns? Easily makes my top games ever.
    Posted 01-22-2015 at 02:06 AM by Drago Drago is offline

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